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Besides directing children’s choirs, I have a degree in music and am recently retired from teaching music at a public elementary school. I have 20+ years experience in children’s music.  

I began writing children’s musicals while working with a small church children’s choir. I was frustrated at the length, difficulty and high cost of most available musicals, so I wrote my own. 

I live in a suburb of Kansas City with my husband who is a Pastor of a church plant. Our 3 children are married and we have 9 grandchildren.

I’d love to hear your from you!

Mary Jo Freeman

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Why I think you will love using one of my Kids musicals....

  1. 1.They are 18-20 min long. A short musical is quick and easy to learn. Just a weekly practice for 2-3 months should be enough.  

  2. 2.They have 5 easy, singable songs with several little solo parts. Solo parts are important because they making learning the songs faster for the whole group, they also give opportunity to highlight more talented kids, and solos make the performances even more interesting. 

  3. 3.They can be done with a very large choir or a very small choir. Usually about 9-12 children can put on the entire musical, and yet they are great for a large groups also. This is a great benefit for small churches, Christian schools, and church plants that have a small number of children to work with. I use kids from age 14 down to 5 years. I always like to add a small speaking part for that little one in the cast.

  4. 4.Total cost for our musicals is $50 (everything included--nothing else to buy) -- while other musicals cost $90 for just the accompaniment tracks, $7 for each singer’s book, $4 for each demo CD, etc. You could easily spend $150-200 for a musical.

  5. 5.You can listen online and decide right then if you want the musical. With other musicals you have to order the $12.95 preview pak, wait for it to arrive, decide if you want to use it, place your order, and wait again! On our site, you can listen, pay and download for instant access. (Don’t worry if you have never done this before. We have good instructions, and if that doesn’t work, we will give you personal help!)

  6. 6.You are free to make whatever copies you need for your group/site/church (no extra charge). We do ask that you please do not share the musical with another church or school. We try to keep the cost low so each church can afford to have their own purchased copy for their site.

  7. 7.Since they are short, many pastors will allow these musicals be a part of the Sunday morning service, still allowing time for worship and a message. This allows many more people to see the performance. In our kid-centered culture the kids will bring extended family, friends and neighbors to see them perform. Our church is packed out on musical Sunday! What a great way to bring people into your church! Read more about how to reach people with children’s musicals.