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All of us need to be a part of the mission of the church to bring people to Jesus and make disciples (as the Great Commission commands), and all the church’s activities should point to that mission. Having a children’s musical can help your church reach people and be the starting point of bringing them into your community/fellowship where you can begin to make them disciples. Here are some ways this can happen:

  1.   In our kid-centered culture children will bring extended family, friends and neighbors to their performance. Adults really enjoy a good children’s program. You can make it easier for them to come by printing a promo card about the musical and ask each kid to give several to family, friends and neighbors.

  2.   Try to have the musical on a Sunday morning when most people will be able to attend. Open with a short set of upbeat songs, short announcements, then the musical. Let the Pastor have a copy of the script so he can know what message to prepare following the musical. Invite visitors to commit their lives to following Jesus.

  3.   Involve the whole church in the production. Ask people to help with costumes, props, lighting, make-up, sound, cueing, set-up, greeters, advertising/printing, coffee time before the service or reception following the performance (where they can meet/greet the actors).

  4.   Have a special program/bulletin printed to give out to visitors that day to let them know they are especially welcome.

  5.   Have a follow-up plan. Since parents want good activities for their kids to be involved in, be sure to have a flyer at the performance that invites the new families to other children’s activities in the church.

  6.   Invite children outside the church to be involved in the musical. Advertise in the neighborhood that you are doing a children’s musical (just like you would advertise VBS). Have your kids ask their friends to be involved. Parents love to see their kids in plays. (Many parents would rather watch their own kids in sports or a performance of some kind than a professional sporting event or theatrical performance.)

  7.   If you want to raise money (to pay for performance expenses), have someone be a photographer and sell photos after the performance of individual kids in their costumes or in groupings. This works best if you take pictures at a dress rehearsal and have them printed, or on a video screen for ordering.

  8.   I would love to add your ideas here. What has worked for you that will help others.  Contact me at:

With our musicals, even a small church can have the benefits of putting on a children’s musical. By pulling in all of your kids from ages 4-15, or by inviting kids outside the church, you can do a musical. Our short, easy musicals really help a small church. And the cost is affordable for any size church.

If you are not having children’s musicals in your church, I encourage you to get started right away. Give your children the opportunity for learning and memories that go with children’s musicals. We will help you! Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out to your community through children.  It is worth the effort!

Click HERE to read the script and hear all the song demos.

Click HERE to read the script and hear all the song demos.

How children’s musicals

can help your church reach people

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Click HERE to read the script and hear all the song demos.