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Resources for the Production and Performance of Children’s Christian Musicals

Read more about directing musicals in my new book . . .

Rock the House!

Directing a Children’s Musical

for Your Church or Christian School

This little book is a step-by-step guide to directing a children’s musical. Whether it’s your first time or you are an experienced director, this book will give you lots of ideas for planning, rehearsing, and performing your musical so that you will “Rock the House!” Even if you are a newbie, just follow the steps to create a great experience for everyone involved.

This essential resource covers many topics, including:

  1. Props

  2. Costumes

  3. Sound

  4. Lighting

  5. Make-Up, etc.

Everything you need to put on a great children’s musical at your church or Christian school.

Request your copy here.

How to Reach People for your church using children’s musicals

This article shows you how to maximize your effort and bring people in to see your musical, plus how to get them to come back.