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This has been my hobby for 35+ years and I have been trying to put all of the information on these internet pages (and also at so that others can enjoy what I've found. I get lots of email from people who see my pages and want more information. I am happy to correspond with you and maybe we can work on a problem together.  

These pages are mainly here so that I can post not only information on my ancestors, but also old pictures, documents, and links to more information. If you have information, OLD PICTURES, or documents to share, I would LOVE to have more! (a genealogist never gets enough information.)

Genealogy is always a work in progress. Please check back occasionally for updates.

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 ---  Mary Jo Freeman

Ancestors and Their Families:

The 4 capitalized names below are my grandparents (the last 2 rows are my husband's). 

To the right of each are their ancestors' names. 

WILLARD:  SpurlockColyott (Caillot), EstesLindseyBrewerCountsChevallierHancock, Turman

LINDESMITHPeaseDoolenJohnsonMomentellerPruettMetcalfWrightKnapp, Kingsbury, ParkPond

VonALLMEN:  HeralLeathersHay, Shirk

JOLLIFF:  TatumHuddlestonEavesBatyCaseyNoble, PenningtonCooper[Depriest]

FREEMAN:  MappDoyle, Triquet

WEBSTER:  Shaw, Baxter, Emmett

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

New England ancestors: Metcalf, Kingsbury, Pond, Williams, Park, Fuller, Partridge, Colburn, Mason, Stevens, 

Aspinwall, Palfrey, Bacon, Farrington, George, Rockwood, Fisher, Fairbanks, Snow, Dunham, 

Pease, Randall, Wright, Owen, Hill, Terry, Kitcheral, Lobdell, Vincent, Turner,  Norton, Cobb, 

Pennsylvania ancestors: Pruett, Knapp, Heral, Leathers, Hay, Shirk, Boyer, Jolliff, Norris, Huddleston, Cooper, Myer, Wilkinson

Southern ancestors: Willard, Spurlock, Doolen, Estes, Morris, Burroughs, Lloyd, Brewer, Counts, Hancock. Maddox, Tatum, Huddleston, Casey, Allen, Bridges, Murray

By country of origin (date of immigration, linked to immigrant):

IRELAND:  Casey (1725, Scots-Irish), Lindsey (Scots-Irish), Doolen (1788), Murray

SWITZERLAND:  VonAllmen (from Unterseen, 1850), Momenteller/Mumenthaler (from Langenthal, 1819)Shirk (Schurch-1728), 

GERMANY: Hay (Hoh), Heral (Herrold, 1743),  Counts (Kuntz, 1714/1730), Boyer (Adam, 1731)

SCOTLAND: Hay (to Germany)

FRANCE: Colyott (Caillot/bef 1756), Chevallier

ENGLAND: Jolliff, Huddleston (bef 1688),  Estes (bef 1684), Hancock (1619), Metcalf (1637),

Kingsbury (1628), Pond (1630), Pease (1634), Cooper (1699), Tatum (1619)

VonAllmen descendants:

. . . . . Especially good reading is the Hay page - our Scottish ancestors had a castle in Scotland! Plus, we are related to Teddy Roosevelt's Secretary of State, John Hay (he was a second cousin of great-grandma, Mary Elizabeth Heral VonAllmen!)

. . . . . The VonAllmen family was from Switzerland. This page has some beautiful pictures!

Jolliff descendants:

. . . . . The Huddleston page has good stories and pictures. Some of the Huddlestons had a castle in England.

. . . . . The earliest Tatum was in Jamestown, Va. in 1619. This is probably my earliest immigrant ancestor!

. . . . . Our Jolliff ancestor was frontier preacher and an early settler in Kentucky, in the same area and same time as Daniel Boone.

. . . . . Our Casey ancestor was also the ancestor of Mark Twain (picture at right, see chart), which makes me his 4th cousin, 3 times removed.

Willard descendants:

. . . . . The Colyott page has some interesting information about our French ancestor, Nicholas Caillot dit LaChance on the Mississippi. 

. . . . . The Spurlocks were early Kentucky settlers.

. . . . . Ancestor William Hancock arrived in Jamestown, Va. in 1619 and was killed in the Indian massacre in 1622. He participated in the first Thanksgiving Day in America (Dec. 4, 1619) at Berkley Plantation, Virginia

. . . . . James & Martin Willard knew Abe Lincoln and split rails with him.

Lindesmith descendants and their New England roots:

Since the Lindesmith ancestors came from New England, there are many good records that go way back to the 1600's. This is very helpful,

. . . . . One of these lines runs back Lindesmith to Pease to Metcalf to Park to Fuller to Greenwood, all the way back to John Greenwood (1556-1593) who began the Puritan movement. He was executed for his teachings in 1593 by Queen Elizabeth, but his followers, who fled to Holland, later became the Pilgrims who came to Plymouth, Mass.

. . . . . Joseph Lindesmith came from Germany to America in 1769. He served under Washington in the Revolutionary War and often shaved him.  He was with him at Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown in 1781.

. . . . . Joseph Kingsbury came to Boston in 1630 with John Winthrop.

. . . . . John Pease & his brother landed in Boston in 1634.  

. . . . . The first Metcalf arrived in Boston in 1637.  His son, Michael Metcalf, Jr. married Mary Fairbanks, daughter of  Jonathan Fairbanks (Michael Jr and Mary were my ancestors and also President Bushs' ancestors--both of them!)  This makes George W. Bush's my 10th cousin, once removed!  Another descendant of Jonathan Fairbanks was the poet Emily Dickinson, making her my 7th cousin,  4x removed.

* Another of Michael Metcalf, Sr.'s descendants (Thomas) married a sister of Paul Revere. [Thomas6, John5, John4, Jonathan3, Michael Jr2, Michael Sr1]

. . . . . The Wrights were in Springfield, Mass. by 1655.  Several in their family were killed in an Indian attack in 1708.

* In 1630 the Wintrop Fleet sailed from England with 11 ships and about 700 people.  It was the beginning of the "Great Migration."  My ancestors among that group were:

    Lucy Weston (came with her mother and step-father; she later married John Pease)

    Robert & Mary Pond (their ggg-grandson Oliver Pond married a Metcalf in 1752, and Oliver's great-granddaughter married a Pease in 1846.)

* Another Metcalf ancestor, Peter Palfrey, arrived in New England in 1623, just 2 years after the Pilgrims, and helped found the city of Salem, Massachusetts in 1626.   Peter Palfrey's daughter Remember Palfrey married Peter Aspinwall and along with being my ancestors, they also became the ancestors of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which makes FDR my 5th cousin, 6 times removed.  See chart