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The DePriest family originally came from France, near Paris (though one descendant insists they were Flemish). 

Spelled variously as DuPresse, DePress and DePrest and even Depreast.

A Robert and William DePriest came to Virginia from France in 1700.   About the only French people who came to the American English colonies during this time were Huguenots.  So, the DePriests must surely have been Huguenots who fled France first to England and then to America (See bio of "Robert" below)

There were DePriests found in the 1700’s in Goochland and Henry counties, Virginia and in Rutherford County, S.C. From there their descendants moved to both Carolinas, Tennessee, and Mississippi; then later to Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri, etc.

There was an older William DePriest who was born 1760, Goochland Co., Va.; married Esther Davis; died 1844, Rutherford Co. N.C. [There are scads of DePriests in the Salem United Methodist Cemetery in Rutherford Co, NC, the earliest being William C. DePriest, 1818-1897]

[An interesting note: one of the defenders of the Alamo was 18-year-old William DePriest Sutherland 1818-1836]

In 1932 George W. DePriest of Shelby, N.C. wrote  a letter to the U.S. Pension office stating that his grandfather, William DePriest, a Revolutionary War pensioner from Rutherford Co., N.C., was born in Paris, France and came to America when he was 16 years old. He was a Virginia private under George Washington. After the War he moved to Rutherford Co., N.C. where he lived to be over 100 years old and was buried at the old Salem church in that county [now Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery]. His brothers, James and Christopher DePriest, also served in the same war. The Pension office replied that they had no pension record of James or Christopher and suggested that he write the War Department for a military service record. 

The War Department replied, July 30, 1932:

"William DePriest was born in 1760 in Goochland Co, VA. Before the Revolution, his father, whose name is not given, moved to Henry Co, Va, and William went to 'Halsien above the Long Island.' While residing near the Long Island, he enlisted sometime in 1778 and served twelve months in Capt. Joseph  Martin's North Carolina company, called 'the Washington Rangers'; he next served 3 months, dates not given, in Capt. James Shelby's company, under Col. Montgomery and Shelby in the North Carolina troops and went on an expedition against the Cherokee Indians. He again enlisted and servied 3 months, dates not given, in Capt. Jesse Dean's? company, Col. Speier's North Carolina Regiment and was at the Battle of King's Mountain. After this, he returned to Henry Co, Va., enlisted there and served ten months in Capt. Samuel Martin's company, Col. William Polk's North Carolina Regiment and was in the battle of Monk's Corner and in a battle at Goose Creek and in several skirmishes. In 1783 he moved to Rutherford Co, North Carolina, where he was living when he was allowed pension on his application  (dated??) Sept 10, 1838. In 1838 he referred to his wife, but did not give her name and there is no reference to children."

The birthdate seems to indicate that this William DePriest may have been an uncle of our ancestor, William. So probably there were three brothers: William, James and Christopher DePriest, who were sons of Robert or William DePriest, natives of France. And our ancestor, William DePriest, was most likely the son of Christopher.

The DePriest Family Journal


Robert Dupress

1st generation

Born 1665, France. Died 1708 Goochland Co, Va.  Married about 1688 to Elizabeth  or Mary.

    Robert may have originally come from the area in France between Nimes and the Mediterranean coast, which was an active Huguenot area with several villages designated as "free cities" for Protestant worship by the Edict of Nantes.  Robert most likely left France for England in 1685 when the Edict of Nantes was revoked and violence broke out against the Huguenots. 

    Then, He was probably among the group of Huguenots sent to the New World about 1689 by the British government to quiet unrest in England over the Huguenots who had arrived from France taking prime English jobs. 

    "In 1700, four ships  arrived at the mouth of the James River and the Rappahannock, east of present-day Richmond, Virginia. French Huguenots, having fled religious persecution, had lived in England and done services for the king. They were granted lands in the New World for a permanent home where they had the freedom to worship as they pleased. West of Richmond, they founded a colony on the site of a village deserted by the Monacan Indians. This group included a William DePriest." [from Huguenot Society of Virginia]

    In 1704 Robert had 354 acres in Kent Co, Va. He was not a part of the gentry but he seemed to be considerably better off than most of the common farmers.

    Early records of this family are in the St.  Peter's Parish records.  When St. James' Parish was formed from St. Peter's, Robert's family were in the new parish on land that eventually would become Hanover County.  At the time of Robert's death, the family lived on or near the Pamunkey River.


    William DePriest, 1689-1737

    John DePriest, b abt 1692.

There is a will for a William Depriest in 1788, Henrico Co, Va.  Not sure who this is.  The will mentions that William bought land in Amherst County from John Depriest.  He had sons: William & Randall.

Also in Henrico is a small cemetery where a William Depriest (1784-1829) is buried.  Maybe he is one of the sons in the will above.


William (Guilliaume) DePriest, Sr.

2nd generation

Christened Oct 24, 1689 [born in England or New Kent Co, Va.] Died Mar. 2, 1738, Manakintown, Goochland Co., VA.  Married about 1715/25 in VA to Judith Austin(?).

At right is a 1730 map of Virginia

William's mother had died about a month after he was born, probably from complications related to childbirth.

When Hanover county was formed from New Kent County the DePriest family was in the new county. 

In 1734 William purchased 200 acres in Goochland Co., Va. where the DePriest family lived along Lickinghole Creek. 

When William died Judith married a neighbor, John Hodges.

An entry into the Goochland Co., VA Records

April 1755/17 June 1755: "Randolph DePriest, William DePriest, George Southerland and John Salmon are held firmly bound to John Hodges for 100 lbs. Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound, RD, WD, GS, and JS have this day agreed with the said John Hodges who intermarried with the widow of William DePriest Decd. and mother of the above bound RD, WD, wives of GS, JS that the wife of John Hodges is to have one feather bed, and the furniture thereunto belonging and one iron pot of the estate of William DePriest and the above bound RD, WD, GS, JS and the infants Robert DePriest and John DePriest the remaining part of the estate now to be found by John Hodges and Judith, his wife. Signed: Randolph DePriest, William DePriest, George (X) Southerland, John (X) Salmon. witnesses: John Smith, Frances Smith

William & Judith had 7 children: 

Randolph, b abt 1728

Naomi, b abt 1729

Mary, b abt 1731; married George Sutherland; their great-grandson, William Depriest Sutherland died at the Alamo.

William Jr, , b abt 1733; died 1768

John (Bunyon?), b 1739, Goochland Co, Va; died Jan. 13, 1800, Campbell Co, Va.

Robert, b abt 1738


William DePriest, Jr.

3rd generation

born 1725, New Kent County, VA

His wife's family, the Toneys, were neighbors of the DePriests on Lickinghole Creek in Goochland Co, Va.

William was strongly anti-British long before the Revolution. He was a carpenter and then a printer, and finally gave his life for American independence.

1757 - William was drafted from the Virginia Militia to serve in the King's Virginia Regiment.  When he refused, a bounty of 40 shillings was offered for his capture.  The Sept 2, 1757 Virginia Gazette described the wanted man as: "William Depriest, Goochland County, height 5'7 1/2", 24 years old, Brown complexion, country Virginia, trade sawyer."

In 1764 the British passed the Currency Act which prohibited printing paper money in the colonies and caused great economic hardships. Patrick Henry, in a speech before the House of Burgess in 1765, called upon the colony of Virginia to make paper money in defiance of the King but was voted down. He ended his speech "if this be treason, make the most of it!" William DePriest apparently took him seriously. [Patrick Henry's wife's family were neighbors of the DePriests.]

1767 - The following article is from the October 22, 1767 Virginia Gazette: "Williamsburg - Col. Terry, from Halifax county, informs that some time in August last a man was taken up and committed to their gaol, who upon examination confessed himself one of DePriest's gang, and that he, with others, guarded the said DePriest until he had struck 80,000£  Maryland currency, the bills mostly of the Dollar denomination. And some Gentlemen now in town inform that DePriest himself is now apprehended, and committed to Frederick county gaol in Maryland." [This amount of money goes beyond simple counterfeiting; it was a strong political statement.]

William was arrested in Sept 1767 and charged with counterfeiting eight-dollar Maryland Bills of Credit. News of his activities and arrest was reported in newspapers throughout the Colonies including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts. Shortly after his arrest, William wrote his wife Tabitha, but the letter was intercepted and taken to Maryland's governor.  It is now included in the Maryland Archives.

"To Tabitha Depriest, Pitsylvania County, Virginia. 

Dear Wife 

I am very sorry to inform you of this Melancholy News that I am apprehended & am now in Irons at Frederick Town in Maryland. I beg that you may take it as easy as you can and come as soon as possible you can to see me and bring me as much Money as you can. I beg that you may go about among my Friends and they will help you to Money. After you have done what you can upon Smiths River I beg that you may go into Amherst County and apply to Col. William Cabbel [Cabel] and to James Nivils [Neville] and to all the heads of that County as my friends and to my Brother John and apply yourself to Capt Thomas Devenport [Davenport] in Cumberland County and he will do more for you than all the rest. It is needless to mention all for you know as well as I who to apply to. 

am your Loving Husband 

Wm Depriest"

William was first held in the Frederick county prison, then in Oct was taken to Annapolis, MD for fear his friends would attempt to free him. He died in the Annapolis jail while awaiting trial. He fell into a coma on Mar 9, 1768 and died on Mar 13.

Tabitha continued living in Henry Co, Va. with son John. In 1781 she purchased some land on Jennings Creek, but sold it in 1786. 

Rutherford Co., NC is where most, if not all, of William Jr. and Tabitha's sons moved after the Revolution. Some of them (at least William III, James & Christopher fought in some Rev. War battles in NC). Some later moved away while others stayed in the area. Don't know whether Christopher died in Rutherford Co. or moved away. He doesn't appear to be buried at the Old Salem church where many other DePriests are.

Originally William III and his brothers had a 10,000 acre land grant from Gen. George Washington for their service in the War. Some of this land was on Cherry Mountain in Rutherford Co, NC.

7 children:  

1. Christopher DePriest -- not sure that Christopher is a son; see William R. DePriest

2. Randolph DePriest

3. James,  b abt 1757, Goochland Co, Va; m abt 1779, Elizabeth Martin (ca1759-ca1830 Goochland Co, Va.)  (James also married 2nd Penelope Farr in Elbert County, Ga. and Mary Wall); died June 1841, Jasper Co, MS.  

    Elizabeth's Children:

    --Martin DePriest, b 1788, Rutherford Co, NC; d 1860, Coosa Co, Ala; married Betsy Lemon (in 1812 Morgan Co, Ga), Percy Co. McSwain (in 1826 Morgan Co, Ga), and Sarah Elizabeth Hammett (in 1857, Talladega Co, Ala.); child of Martin & Betsy: Martin Jr (b 1818 Morgan Co, Ga; d 1864, Crenshaw Co, Ala), James (1824-1892), John (b 1830 Morgan Co, Ga; d 1903), Joseph (b 1816, Morgan Co, Ga; d 1886, Ala.)

    --Joseph Depriest, b 1787

    --Mary Polly DePriest, b 1794, NC

    --James A. Depriest, b 1795-98, NC

    --Leathy DePriest, b 1801, NC

4. William DePriest III, b 1760, Goochland Co, Va; m abt 1782, Rutherford Co, NC to Esther Davies; died 1844, Bostic, Rutherford Co, NC)

5. John DePriest, b March 14, 1761, St. James, Northam Parish, Goochland, Co, Va; d abt 1830, Goochland Co, Va.

6. Elizabeth DePriest

7. Annie DePriest, b March 1768


Christopher DePriest

4th generation

Born about 1755, Gouchland Co, VA.  (Christopher was not mentioned as one of the children of William DePriest in March 1768 court documents making them wards of the church.)

Married ?

"Christ'r DiPriest" is in the 1790 Rutherford Co, NC Federal Census. His household included 1 white male over 16, 2 white males under 16, and 4 females. He is not listed on the 1800 census. 

His son, William married in Smith Co, Tn to Rebecca Casey about 1802.

It is very likely that the Caseys knew the DePriests beforehand. Christopher's brother, William III, served along with Randolph Casey (Rebecca's father) & his brothers under Gen. Francis Marion "The Swamp Fox" in the the battles in Rutherford Co, NC. The Casey brothers also fought in the important Battle of King's Mountain along with the Depriests.

There is a John B. Depriest in the 1830 Smith Co, Tn census (20-30 yrs old). Could be a grandson.

There was a Green DePriest (son of William III) who married Polly Crosby in Knox Co, Ind, Mar 21 1813. Don't know if they were related, but William did name one of his 2 sons, Green.

Son, William lived in Indiana from about 1803 to 1819.

Died 1791-1799 in Rutherford Co, NC.  

Since he died young he may have had only these 2 sons:


- William

- Green


William DePriest

3rd generation

WILLIAM  DePRIEST was born about 1775. His place of birth and parentage are uncertain, but family tradition and other sources seem to indicate that William’s father was Christopher, though he has never been found on any record or census. 

     William married about 1802 in Smith County, Tennessee to Rebecca (Casey) Noble.  She was born about 1775 in South Carolina, the daughter of Randolph Casey & Mary Jane Pennington. Rebecca was married first about 1796 to Erasmus Noble and had two children: a baby who died in infancy abt 1797 and Lucinda, who was born in 1800, probably after her father died.  Rebecca's parents moved to Sumner Co, Tennessee in 1800, maybe waiting until Rebecca's baby was born before they moved.  They moved again in 1802 to Smith Co, TN.  This is where Rebecca met and married William Depriest.

     William and Rebecca moved to Indiana (probably Orange County) when their children were small. They lived in Indiana about 15 years. (It was there that Lucinda met and married Elijah Jolliff, who had just moved to Indiana from Kentucky in 1818).

     In 1819 they all moved to Illinois, settling in Jefferson County, near the rest of the Casey family. The Jolliffs eventually joined them there also. In the 1820 census William & Rebecca DePriest were living in Jefferson Co, IL with Green (17), Isaac (13), Charity (10), and a young man (16-25).

     In 1823 William was appointed supervisor of the road from Mt. Vernon to the middle fork of Muddy, with 21 hands, including his son, Isaac and his brother-in-law, Zadok Casey.

     Rebecca was called Aunt Becky and it was said of her that “she was a woman of great good sense and a remarkably neat housewife.”  She had a custom of wearing a plug hat. She died shortly before 1827, weighing nearly 350 lbs. when she died. William died in 1827; they were both buried in the Old Shiloh Cemetery about 5 miles NW of Mt. Vernon. 

Almost all of William & Rebekah's descendants moved to Missouri in the mid-1800's: Isaac was probably the first to move to southern Missouri, about 1840. Then Green moved to there in the 1840's, taking with him 2 of Lucinda's orphan sons: Randolph & William. Lucinda's daughter Elizabeth came about 1856 with her husband, James Willard, who was also following his older brother. Lucinda's youngest son, James Jolliff followed about 1867. This left one lone family member in Illinois: Lucinda's son, Elijah Jolliff, Jr., who stayed in Illinois with his many Jolliff cousins.

Rebecca’s Children:

1. baby Noble

born 1797; died in infancy

2. Lucinda Noble

step-daughter of William DePriest

LUCINDA, (daug. of Erasmus Noble & Rebecca Casey and raised by William Depriest, her step-father), born about 1799, Smith Co., TN (or SC); married about 1818 in Indiana to Elijah Jolliff (son of James Jolliff, Sr.). In 1820 they were in Jefferson Co., IL. Elijah was accidentally shot in 1828 and died. Lucinda married 2nd to Asa Foster April 4, 1834, but she died before the end of the year. Her brother, Green DePriest was appointed guardian for her sons Randolph & James Jolliff, and her brother-in-law, Abner Jolliff for William & Elijah, Jr. Her daughter, Elizabeth married the next year. Children: 

. . . 1a)     RANDOLPH CASEY JOLLIFF, born Dec 9, 1818, Ky/Ind.; married Margaret L. Huddleston in Mo.; lived in Oregon County, Mo.;                        

. . . 1b)     ELIZABETH JOLLIFF, born April 20, 1820, Ill. At age 15 she married Aug 30, 1835 in Ill. to James Willard, a 31-year-old widower with 4 children; James at the time lived two houses away from hers. Two of her Willard step-children married her Jolliff cousins. In 1840 they were in Jefferson Co., IL. In 1850 they were in neighboring Washington Co. They moved to Oregon Co., Mo. about 1856, where her brothers Randolph & William, and James’ brother Martin already lived. James died Aug 8, 1893 (age 89). Betsy lived with son Bill until she died Oct. 2, 1903 (age 83); both buried Jolliff Cemetery, Oregon Co.

. . . 1c)    WILLIAM NORRIS JOLLIFF, born 1823, Ill.; (probably named for his mother’s step-father, William DePriest & his grandmother Elizabeth Norris Jolliff). He was living in Oregon Co., Mo. in 1851, where William was a minister. By 1854 he was back in Ill. and married to Margaret Louiza Pace, but they soon moved to Mo. again. He was in the Civil War and was called “Bill Bugler” the rest of his life because he played the bugle in the army. After the War he and his family moved to Washington Co., Ill. where they lived for 23 years. His place of death is unknown; 2 of his children,  Elijah & Dock were in Oregon Co., Mo. in 1900.

. . . 1d)     ELIJAH JOLLIFF, Jr. born Sept 9, 1825, Ill. In the Civil War he was in Co. C, 11th Ill. Inf. He was the only one of Elijah Sr.’s children that did not move to Mo. In 1850 he was living with his aunt Rachel Rhea in Sangamon Co., Ill. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War and saw a lot of action. His military record described him as 6’1”, red hair, grey eyes and light complexion. 

        He married Sarah Ellen Forbes (age 15) Nov 1, 1866 (Elijah was 41), and raised her 3 younger brothers. Sarah died 1874 (5 ch) and Elijah married 2nd May 3, 1876 to Malinda Ann (Bryant) Faulkner (about 34, widow of his cousin Charles J. Faulkner (Jolliff family #2e12). Elijah & Ann had a son Edward, and a stillborn son in 1879, then were apparently separated by 1880, when Elijah was living with his children Lewis, Julia & Cora, and Ann had her children Alpharetta, Emma & Delana, and their son Edward. Edward and his wife Maggie lived with Elijah before he died Aug. 26, 1900. Elijah lived near Irvington, Ill. where he died Aug. 26, 1900; buried Grand Point Cemetery, Patoka, (Marion Co), Ill.

. . . 1e)    JAMES RASMUS JOLLIFF (named for his two grandfathers, James Jolliff & Erasmus Nobles), born 1826, Ill.; 5’10” tall, he was in the Mexican War (1846-47) with cousin Gilbert Faulkner (Jolliff family #2e6). He married Martha J. Wayman Feb 26, 1848, Ill. 1850 in Washington Co, Ill; moved about  1867, probably to Mo; in 1880 Martha was in Highland township, Oregon Co, Mo. with Lucinda, William & Willis, so evidently James died before 1880.

3. Green DePriest

    GREEN was born in 1803 in Tennessee. He married 4 times: 1st in 1824 to Mary “Polly” Allen; married 2nd in 1842 to Frances McCammon; married 3rd Sept 17, 1844 Ripley Co, Mo to Elizabeth Maulding; married 4th in 1845 to Hannah Lewis. 

    He was guardian of 2 of his sister Lucinda’s 4  children, Randolph & James. He lived in Jefferson Co, IL where his neighbors, accusing him of hog rustling, agreed to furnish him with all the meat he could use if he would leave their hogs alone. He originally settled around Mt. Vernon, Marion Co, IL; then moved to Grand Prairie twp about 1832.

    In 1840 he was in Jefferson Co, IL; and soon afterwards he moved to Missouri (about the same time his brother Isaac DePriest & his cousin John Clark Casey moved there). He was in Oregon Co, MO in 1850, and though he did not move again, the county line changed so that he was living in Shannon Co, MO in 1860. Children:

. . . 3a)    boy born about 1825         

. . . 3b)     WILLIAM A. DePRIEST, born 1826, IL, married Malinda Smith, May 21, 1844 Ripley Co, Mo; in Oregon Co, Mo. 1850; children:

. . . . . . . . 3c1)     John C. DePriest, b 1849, Mo.

. . . 3c)     SOLOMON C. “Sol” DePRIEST, born 1828, IL; married Elizabeth Lasley; lived Oregon Co, Mo.; d 1861-69; children:

. . . . . . . . 3d1)     John F/T? DePriest, b 1849, Mo.

. . . . . . . . 3d2)     Martha C. DePriest, b 1852, Mo.

. . . . . . . . 3d3)     Green S. DePriest, b 1854

. . . . . . . . 3d4)     Lewis J. DePriest, b 1858/60

. . . . . . . . 3d5)     Lutecia DePriest, b 1860

. . . . . . . . 3d6)     William DePriest, b 1865/66

. . . 3d)   girl born about 1830

. . . 3e)   girl, born 1832                 

. . . 3f)   girl, born 1834

. . . 3g)  ISAAC HEZEKIAH BENUBIA DePRIEST, born 1836, IL; married Apr 2, 1856, Oregon Co, Mo. to Elenor Jane McIntire; lived Mo.; children:

. . . . . . . . 3g1)     Minnie Pearl DePriest (ancestor of Charlene VanGundy)

. . . 3h)  GREEN CHRISTOPHER H. DePRIEST, born 1838, IL; married Louisa Nicholson, June 7, 1857, Oregon Co, Mo.; 

(Louisa pictured at right)


. . . . . . . . 3h1)  Josephine DePriest, b 1861; d 1905; m Ridley Thomas (ancestor of Muriel Taylor)

. . . . . . . . 3h2)  Edward M. DePriest, b 1868; d 1926; m Rosa  ?  

. . . . . . . . 3h3)  Isaac DePriest, b 1872; d 1891

. . . . . . . . 3h4)  Lafayette DePriest, b 1875; d 1946; m Vie Lasley

. . . . . . . . 3h5)  Tamer Jane DePriest, b 1879; d 1960; m John Harris (ancestor of Ron D’Amato); Children: Elsey (m Ola Pate), Olive (m C.C. White & E.A. Pate; children: Ivadean, Imadean), Hazel Eula (m Emmette Melton Brinson), Dacre, Paskel (m Omega Mayo), Earl, Herman, Omer (m Dell Ballard), R.C. (m Farris Pate Sirmon)

. . . . . . . . 3h6)  John DePriest, m 1st Nellie Brooks (grandparents of Paul Czerner's wife); m 2nd Lillian  ?  

. . . . . . . . 3h7)  Eli DePriest, b 1866

. . . 3i)     MARY E. DePRIEST, born 1840, IL

4. Isaac Casey DePriest

    ISAAC  was born in Smith Co, Tennessee, April 18, 1802 (or so his tombstone says; I have another bd for him as: April 2, 1807. I tend to agree with 1807 as the year of birth because the census records show him in 1850: 44, 1860: 53, 1870: 63.  As you can see from the picture the tombstone was made long after 1878, so the family memory may be wrong). 

He grew up in Indiana and moved to Jefferson Co., Illinois with his parents where he married Feb. 15, 1827, Jefferson Co, IL to Elizabeth Buffington (daug. of Abraham & Margaret Buffington). 

    About 1840 he moved to Missouri & lived near Thomasville in Oregon County. He was assessor and Justice of the Peace for Oregon County. About 1856 they moved to Birch Valley (near Birch Tree, Mo.) where he operated a store on his farm—the first store in Birch Valley. He went to Rolla once a year to get supplies. The trip took a week with an ox team. In 1863 they moved back to Jefferson Co, IL, but then about 1865 they returned to Shannon Co., Mo. He was assessor 4 years, a postmaster (1870-75), and a Justice of the Peace in Shannon County. He was a farmer and a Democrat. He died Oct. 2, 1878; Elizabeth died 1884. They were buried in the DePriest-Brown Cemetery, Birch Tree, Mo.


. . . 4a)     ABRAHAM M. DePRIEST, born 1830, IL; married Apr 6, 1851, Oregon Co., Mo. to Polly Huddleston (daug of Charles or Nathan); m 2nd June 6, 1853, Oregon Co. to Elizabeth J. Adin; Lt. in Confederate Army, Mo 4th Inf, Co D. He was a Justice of the Peace; d June 2, 1857, buried DePriest-Brown Cem.

. . . 4b)     AMANDA MELVINA DePRIEST, born 1832, IL; married Wallace Mahan, Aug 16, 1857, Oregon Co.

. . . 4c)     GREENE S. DePRIEST, born Jan 1834, IL; married June 3, 1858, Oregon Co. to Catherine Taylor (by Nathan Huddleston, J.P.); farmer in Oregon Co, Mo; buried Bethlehem Cem.

. . . . . . . . 4c1)     Lloyd Columbus DePriest, b , Oregon Co, Mo; married Sarah Jane House (daug of Wm. Wickham House). 

They moved to North Dakota in 1912 and raised a family (he was a large man). His son, Nimrod, moved to Wisconsin in the early 1920’s. 

Lloyd's wife and children pictured at left.

. . . . . . . . 4c2)     Mary M. DePriest, b 1867; m  ?   Horton; children: Stinson (children: Willard, of Black Rock, Ark.)

. . . . . . . . 4c3)     Rebecca J. DePriest, b 1871; m (not 1st) to  ?   Johnson; bur. Bethlehem Cem., Oregon Co.; children: Ethel (m Emil Goodman of St. Louis; children: Joe Goodman)

. . . . . . . . 4c4)     Emma DePriest, b 1873; m Lewis DePriest (3rd cousin); bur. Bethlehem Cem.

. . . . . . . . 4c5)     Isaac C. “Ike” DePriest, b 1876; m Lula Hufstedler; buried Kelly Cem, Imboden, Ark; children: Sloan & Octave (twins), Leish (Ark), Emma Irlbeck (Tex), Vernice Craig, Herman (Ark), Irene Stewart, Murtle Benson (Ark)

. . . . . . . . 4c6)     John Lewis DePriest, b 1879; m Sally Jane Neal; buried Bethlehem Cem.; Children: William Green (ancestor of Vera Hitt* & Sallie Campbell*), Lee Anna Parrott, Rebecca Baker, Lewis Emil                   

. . . 4d)     ISAAC W. DePRIEST, born 1835, IL; married Menareans Smith, Oct. 24, 1853, Oregon Co, Mo. (by Charles Huddleston, J.P.)

. . . 4e)     ASA C. DePRIEST, born Feb 18, 1838, IL; bur. DePriest-Brown Cem.

. . . 4f)     LLOYD R. DePRIEST, 1839-1860 (21 years old); bur. DePriest-Brown Cem. Lloyd was stabbed at a party or gathering of some kind and died with his head in his sister, Margaret’s lap. This newspaper article may be about his murder: "John L. Thomas is jailed for the murder of a Depriest in Feb. of 1860, is set free on bail, and disappears.  The last record of him is a reward posted by the Governor of Missouri  for his recapture."

. . . 4g)     MARGARET SUSAN DePRIEST, born Feb 13, 1842, Oregon Co, MO; married Wm. R. Hess, Oct 5, 1859, Shannon Co, Mo; d Aug 12, 1914, Carterville, Jasper Co, Mo; Children:               

. . . . . . . . 4g1)     Mary Elizabeth Hess, 1861-1901, Mo; m Wm Alec Nicholson

. . . . . . . . 4g2)    John A. Hess, 1863-1915, Mo; m Mary A. Hime, 1883

. . . . . . . . 4g3)     Frances H. Hess, 1867-76, Birch Tree, Mo.

. . . . . . . . 4g4)     Isaac Casey Hess, 1869-1922, Mo; m Mary C. Duncan, Rosa B. Wisby & Charlotte Sue Roberson, 1911 Reno, Nev; d Joplin, Mo; CH: John Kenneth (b 1915 Utah; m Vena Alveta Knapp; d 1978 Nevada, Mo.; children: John Isaac Hess)

. . . . . . . . 4g5)     Asa R. Hess, b 1871, Birch Tree, Mo

. . . . . . . . 4g6)     Abraham M. Hess, 1872-76, Birch Tree, Mo; bur. DePriest-Brown Cemetery

. . . . . . . . 4g7)     George W. Hess, b 1874 Mo;         

. . . . . . . . 4g8)     Margaret Ellen Hess, 1878-?, Mo; m William S. Rountree, 1894

. . . . . . . . 4g9)     Nora M. Hess, 1879-79, Birch Tree, Mo.

. . . . . . . . 4g10) Ola “Olie” P. Hess, 1880-1854; m 1902, George Ellis

. . . . . . . . 4g11) Lottie L. Hess, 1882-?

. . . . . . . . 4g12) William Riley Hess, 1884-1944, Mo; m 1911, Anna Kilgore

. . . 4h)     FRANCES REBEKAH DePRIEST, born Oct 5, 1844, MO; married James Weaver; d about 1864 (she reached over a fence to pick up corn cobs for kindling before her baby was born, ruptured a blood vessel and hemorrhaged to death; she was 20 years old); bur. DePriest-Brown Cem.

. . . 4i)     JOHN HAYDEN/Harvey DePRIEST, born Oct 5, 1844, Thomasville, Mo (Rebekah’s twin); Civil War, Confederate Army, Mo 4th Inf, Co D; captured at Vicksburg & paroled. He went with father to Ill. in 1863 where he married 1866 Lydia Gregory; moved back to Shannon Co, Mo. 1867; d Apr 16, 1915, bur. DePriest Brown Cem; Children:

. . . . . . . . 4i1)     Mary Alice DePriest, 1868-1954; m 1888, Charles Elmer Edwards; children: William Harvey, Addie Harper

. . . . . . . . 4i2)     Isaac C. DePriest, 1870-1874 (3 1/2 years old)

. . . . . . . . 4i3)     Frances DePriest, m Lewis Baker; children: Jacob, Albert, Lee, Glen, Harvey, Leonard

. . . . . . . . 4i4)     Margaret Elizabeth DePriest, 1873-1953; m 1897, Daniel Boone Shelby; children: Mary Thomas Brown, Jewel Shelby, Maude Butler, Gladys Buffington

. . . . . . . . 4i5)     Charles H. DePriest, 1876-1876 (8 mos. old)

. . . . . . . . 4i6)     Missouri Magdaline DePriest, 1877-1952; m Edward G. Flager; children: girl, Edward G. 

. . . . . . . . 4i7)     Maude Susanna DePriest, 1879-1966; m 1903, Wm. T. Endy; children: Maudeline Johnson Pfeifer, W.T. “Billy”, Funston

. . . . . . . . 4i8)     Albert Hayden DePriest, 1881-1961; m 1922, Pearl Young; children: Dolora May (m James Trowbridge), Lydia Caroline

. . . . . . . . 4i9)     John Homer “Peck” DePriest, 1884-1961

. . . 4j)     WILLIAM C. DePRIEST, born 1847, Mo; d 1861 (14 years old), buried DePriest-Brown Cemetery


a.    Either LLOYD or WILLIAM  (probably Lloyd) was stabbed at a party or gathering of some kind and died with his head in his sister, Margaret’s lap.  “JOHN L. THOMAS is jailed for the murder of a Depriest in Feb. of 1860, is set free on bail, and disappears.  The last record of him is a reward posted by the Governor of Missouri  for his recapture.”

b.    One census also names as children: ROY C., b 1837, and MARION, b 1857 

5. Charity DePriest


CHARITY DePRIEST (named for her step-grandmother Charity Casey), born 1810-20 (probably about 1810). She was on the 1820 census with her family. both her parents had died by 1827. Don't know anything else about her.


Depriest family

Louisa Nicholson Depriest