Michael Doyle, Artist

 (see his virtual art gallery below)

Michael Augustine/Augustus "Paddy" Doyle  (son of Michael & Margaret Doyle) was born about 1838-39 in Dublin City, Ireland. On his wedding record he listed his father’s occupation as “office clerk.”

     The Doyle clan appears to have descended from a Viking raider and was primarily located in the southeast Ireland Leinster counties of Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow (see map). This area is still has many Doyles living there (see Doyle history). 

     The great Irish potato famine started in the fall of 1845 when 90% of the population was in some way dependent on it. Between 1845 and 1850 25% of the population died of starvation or disease related to malnutrition and 12% of the people (1.5 million) left the country. Although this was a agricultural disaster, it was made worse by wealthy landowners exporting much-needed food to make money and letting the poor go hungry. 

     I don't know why or when Michael left Ireland, but he was in London by 1857. In some parts of the Shoreditch area there were colonies of Irish people. It was a very poor area of London in 1860.

March 4, 1860 at the parish church in St. Luke's Parish, Middlesex County, England, Michael married Amelia Sophia Collins (daug of Leonard Collins & Eliza Raven), who was born in 1837 in Shoreditch, Middlesex Co, England. Their marriage record (below) says their place of residence is Tabernacle St.  They had 4 sons and 4 (or 5) daughters. 

1861 England Census: Hallsbury St., Christchurch, Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch St. Leonard, Middlesex County

Living at 1 Salisbury Street

Doyle, Michael (head) - 22, b Dublin, Ireland

. . . . . Amelia (wife) - age 23, b abt 1838, Shoreditch, Middlesex Co, Eng.

. . . . . Mary (daug) - 3 months, b abt 1858, Shoreditch, Middlesex Co, Eng. 

Looks like they had a couple of boarders with them: William Slack (21) and Thomas Dumas (40)

The Parish of Shoreditch was known for its poverty. Standing north of the Bishopsgate on the Roman Road from the Thames to Cambridge, it looked south to the City of London. Hackney, to the east was a little more affluent.

Michael lived for some time in Finchley (Middlesex Co), north of London where he ran the Post office. [from great-grandson Robert Freeman in Canada.]

1871 England Census: 13 Warburton St., All Angels and St. Michael,

South Hackney, Middlesex Co (NE London)

Doyle, Michael (head) - 32, b abt 1839, Ireland - occ: post office

. . . . . Amelia - 33, b abt 1838, Hackney, Middlesex Co, Eng.

. . . . . Mary - 10 

. . . . . Charles - 7

. . . . . John - 5

. . . . . Alfred - 4

. . . . . Edward - 6 mos

1881 England Census, 39 Broke Rd, St. Paul's, Haggerston, Shoreditch,

Middlesex Co (NE London)

Doyle, Michael (head) - 43, b Ireland - occupation: civil service post office

. . . . . Amelia (wife) - 44, b Hackney, Middlesex Co - occ: shirt maker

. . . . . John (son) - 15, b Hoxton, Middlesex Co. - occ: printer's boy

. . . . . Alfred (son) - 14, b Hoxton, Middlesex Co, - occ: chair maker

. . . . . Edward (son) - 10, b Hackney, Middlesex Co - in school

. . . . . Amelia (daug) - 8, b Hackney - in school

. . . . . Alice (daug) - 6, b Hackney - in school

. . . . . Elizabeth (daug) - 2, b Shoreditch, Middlesex Co.

His daughter Mary, married Edward H. Freeman about 1880

1881 England Census, 31 Penn St., Shoreditch, Hackney, London, England:

Freeman, Edward H. - 25, b Mile End - occ: clothiers cutter/tailor

. . . . . . Mary - 20, b Hoxton, Middlesex, England

He also was living in West Hampton (Essex Co), England (SW of London) in 1889 and 1907. 

His wife Amelia died sometime before the 1891 census. But he died in Ireland.

1891 England Census: ??? St, St. Margaret, Leydon, West Ham, Essex Co

Doyle, Michael - 53, b Ireland 1838

. . . . . Amelia S. - 18

. . . . . Alice - 16

1911 England census,West Ham, Essex Co - 

address: 1 Springfield Rd, Walthamstow, Essex

Doyle, Michael - 72, widower, occ: pensioner GPO [post office], born Dublin City, resident in England.

. . . . Amelia (daug) - 38 single, occ: chocolate coverer, b London, Middlesex Co

Millington, Arthur (son-in-law) - 36 married, occ: machine minder (printer), b London City, Middlesex Co,

. . . . . Alice (daug) - 36 married 4 yrs, 1 child/1 liv, b London, Middlesex Co,

. . . . . Doris Alice (grand daughter) - 6 months, b Walthamstow, Essex Co

There is a death registration in Oct-Dec, 1915 for Michael A. Doyle, b abt 1838, age 77, in West Ham, Essex Co, England. So, this is probably when he died.


At right, Edward & Mary Freeman >

1. Mary Doyle, born about 1858 in Holton, London; married Edward Henry Freeman. Their son Edward "Ted" moved to Canada in 1909, daughters Florence & Matilda? moved to Australia, daughter Ethel stayed in England.

2, Charles Doyle, b abt 1863, d bef 1881

3. John Doyle, b abt 1866, Hoxton, London; immigrated to Canada in 1910. In 1921 he is in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, listed as widowed.

4. Alfred Doyle, b 1869, Hoxton, London; m Elizabeth Edith Frith; In 1907 he immigrated to Canada. In 1907 ship “Lake Erie” had these passengers: Mary Doyle (39), Edith (14), Lawrence (11), Leonard (8). (I wonder if Lawrence should be Florence); Afred’s children: Edith, Florence & Leonard

5. Edward Doyle, b 1871, Hackney, London

6. Amelia S. Doyle, b 1873, Hackney, London. In 1891 she and sister Alice were living with their widowed father. She was unmarried.

7. Alice "Lall" Doyle, b 1875, Hackney; married 1907 to Arthur Augustus Millington, had daughter, Doris. Alice died in 1952, England.

8. Elizabeth Doyle, b abt 1880 in Haggerston, Shoreditch, London. In 1891 she was living with her older married sister, Mary. She married Jack Gunn, had twin daughters Floss & Gladys. These twins also married twins: Leonard & ?.  Both couples each had one child

?. Millicent "Mill" Doyle - haven't been able to locate any information about her. This name comes from family stories, but she is not on any census record. Perhaps this was a second name of one of the daughters. Actually the nickname "Mill" could also be a nickname for Amelia, but since the 1891 census shows her middle initial as "S" maybe there was no Millicent at all.

At right are Doyle cousins (about 1918):

Doris Millington, Florence "Floss" & Gladys Gunn, Ethel Freeman

(Doris & Ethel lived together in their later years)

Michael Doyle was an artist.  He had an art show once but was unhappy about the critical reviews, so he decided instead of trying to sell his art he would give it to his children and grandchildren.  His paintings are all over the world, because his descendants are in Canada, UK, USA, and Australia. One painting has been located in Poland. Mary's 4 children each received several paintings (Ted Freeman, Ethel Mustart, Florence Watson, and Matilda? Davis).  Elizabeth's daughters, Floss and Gladys also received some pieces.  I don't know about the other children. So far, I have located his paintings in Canada, the US, and Australia. I know there are several in England, but haven't been able to get pictures yet.

Below are several of Michael Doyle's paintings. (Thanks to Mark Freeman for fixing these photos--making them flat) If you know of other paintings of Michael Doyle, please let me know (Mary Jo Freeman). I am also looking for pictures of Michael Doyle's children or grandchildren.

Michael Doyle - Virtual Art Gallery



Michael & Amelia’s marriage record,

Islington, Finsbury, London, England

These two paintings (at left) are owned by his gg-grandson and gg-granddaughter, Dr. Michael & Sharon Freeman in Toronto, Canada.

Here are some drawings on envelopes by Michael Doyle, owned by Edward Freeman in California. 

This was in 1893 & 1894. I don't know the relationship of the "Gray" addressee, but it was probably a nephew or something like that.  This quote might explain something of how he was there. "In 1893 the 1st Battalion arrived in Egypt and after a two-year stay there moved to Gibraltar." (wikipedia)

Gallery notes:

There are 2 shots of most paintings: one in the frame and one of just the painting.

The first 3 paintings were owned by gg-granddaughter, Suzanne Magassy in Australia.  Her grandmother,  Florence Freeman Watson (granddaughter of Michael Doyle) thought that these pictures were painted in Ireland or Wales. (Suzanne has since died).

At left is an Oil on Glass 6" x 8" of Richmond Bridge, painted in 1899. The bridge looks the same today. See picture.

The original was owned by Ed and Bea Freeman.

These two pictures below were also owned by Suzanne Magassy in Australia.

These 2 pictures below were sent to his other great-grandson, Arthur Watson, when he was 4 years old.  

One was sent to him on the boat to Australia and the second was sent to his Sydney address.  

Notice the sign painted in the pictures with the address on it. ("Mr. A. Watson, post S.S. Balloret, c/o West? & Wells? Co., Adelaide St., Australia").

These pictures now are owned by Arthur's daughter, Suzanne Magassy in Australia. (Suzanne has since died and I don't know where these paintings are now).

These next four paintings were owned by Eddie & Bea Freeman of Windsor, Canada. They probably are now in the possession of some of their children in California.

This one is in 1912 to his son, John Doyle, who immigrated to Canada in 1910--probably teasing him about all the snow there. Algoma is near Sault Ste. Marie. John and his brother, Alfred, were in Steelton, Algoma District, Ontario in the 1911 census, and on the 1921 census in Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma. (Steelton is now a part of Sault Ste. Marie)/

These two paintings (at left) are owned by Mark Freeman in California.

The 2 paintings below Michael Doyle sent to his great-grandson in Australia, Charlie Davis.  

After Charlie's death, they passed into the hands of his cousin, Arthur Watson's daughter, Suzanne Magassy.