"Heral" is the way my line spells it, but other lines use:   Herald, Harrold, Harrolle, Herrold. Back in Germany, it was Hoeroldt, Horold, Herold, etc.

Some researchers are studying the possibility that this Harrold (Harald) family were descendants of Nordic-Vikings who raided then settled in Germany.  Others say that they were from Normandy, France and were Huguenots who were forced out of France into Germany by the Catholics (maybe by 1600).  However, our earliest known ancestor, Jakob Horold, was born in Marbach, Germany in 1555. So, it seems more likely that they were German before even that time.

The Romans originally had a settlement at Marbach, but the first document mentioning Marbach is in 972.

In 1410 there were 3 German emperors and 3 popes in Rome, all claiming the right to rule.

The town of Marbach was in the Palantine (or German Pfalz) and was orginially named for the Counts Palatine who ruled this area, the first being in 945. It is made up of Upper Palatine and Lower Palantine. Marbach is a part of the Lower Palantine.

During the Reformation (1500's) the Palantinate became Protestant and the strongest Calvinist region in Germany. This region attracted other Protestants from Holland and Switzerland. 

The devastating Thirty Years War (1619-1648) was a result of France trying to crush the Protestant movement in the Palatine. Most of the 1600's were a nightmare of war in the Palatinate from the struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism, causing Germans from this area to immigrate to America. They are a part of the early German immigration (Pennsylvia Dutch).

The War of the Grand Alliance (or Palatinate War of Succession 1688-1697) began with an invasion by French King Louis XIV. After taking several towns in the Palatinate, he retreated to France while implementing a scorched earth policy and torching all the towns. In Marbach, this was known as Great Fire of 1693. It damaged most buildings, all except for St. Alexander's church (built 1450) because it was outside the town walls. As this date coincides with Hans' (below) death it makes us wonder if he died during or because of this attack. 

The War of the Spanish Succession came soon afterwards (1702-1713). The Palatinate was on the west side of Germany and suffered many times from invasion by France. During this time (1708-09) the people also suffered through the worse winter in 100 years, which caused many vineyards to die off. This create the climate for another mass emigration. By 1709 there may have been as many as 32,000 people from the Palatinate in London.  In 1710 3,000 sailed to New York. 

Our Herrold ancestors lived through all of this mess and did not immigrate to America until 1743. 

1st known generation - Jakob Horold

b abt 1555, Marbach Germany

m Margaretha ?

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2nd generation - Cornelius Horold

b Sept 11, 1586, Marbach, Germany

m Maria Barth

d June 8, 1660

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3rd generation - Georg Christoph Hoeroldt 

b 1616 Steinheim; 

m Anna Magdalena Mueller, daug of Hans Mueller

d Mar 29, 1684, Germany

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4th generation - Hans Michael Hoeroldt

b Oct 2, 1663, Marbach, Germany

m Margaretha Klein

d Nov 12, 1693, Steinheim, Germany, age 30 years old. 

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5th generation

George Christoph Harrold, Sr

Our American immigrant 


  1. 1688 b Marbach, Germany, the son of Michael Hoerold and Margaretha; christened Dec 25, 1688, Steinheim/Murr, Wurttemberg

  2. 1693, George Christoph was only 5 years old when his father died.

  3. Aug 15, 1719 married Maria Catharina Scheelkopf in Zweibrucken, Steinheim/Murr, Germany.

  4. He was a vinitor (wine maker).

  5. 1743 - He immigrated with 2 sons (George Christopher Jr & John George) aboard the Rosannah arriving in Philadelphia, Sept 26, 1743.  The ship's passenger list included: Christaf Heralde, 
    Yarah Christal Herald, Johan Earah Herald 

  6. After arriving in Philadelphia George Christoph Harrold he first landed in Bethel twp of Lancaster Co (just west of Phildelphia)

  7. He took the "Oath of Allegiance to England" September 26, 1743.

  8. They stayed for a very short time in Bethel twp, Lancaster Co, Pa. (west of Philadelphia along the Delaware River).

  9. Soon (maybe 1744) they moved to the Tulpehocken region of then Lancaster Co (now Berks Co, formed in 1752), PA (in SE PA, abt 12 miles NW of Reading, PA on 422) near many other German immigrants. The first white (German) settlers had moved into the Tulpehocken area in 1723. (Tuplehocken was a large township, divided in 1734 to also form Heidelberg twp)

  10. 1749 he died in Heidelberg twp, Lancaster (now Berks) Co, PA and was buried at Christ's Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken Creek, Berks Co., PA.

  11. WikiTree page - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Herrold-31

  12. Findagrave page - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/28727592

6th generation

George Christopher “Stophel” Harrold/Herald, Jr

"Stophel" HERALD, Jr., b Oct 22, 1723, Steungeim (Steinheim an der Murr), Wurttemberg, Germany. He was born in the Harrold house, above right.

(Map of German states)

    • 1743 - 20 years old, he immigrated with father & brother, John George, aboard the Rosannah arriving in Philadelphia, Sept 26, 1743. His mother and 3 sisters are not listed. The passenger list from the ship link shows 3 men, not listed together:

        Christaf Heralde 

        Yarah Christal Herald 

        Johan Earah Herald  [maybe should be Johan Yarah?-- I wonder if this means "George"]

    Another passenger shows 2 men not listed together: 

        Georg Christoph Hoerold, from Steinheim an der Murr, Baden    

        Jorg Christoff Heroldt 


  1. Very soon Christopher moved with his father to Tulpehocken Creek, Heidelberg Township, Berks Co, Pa.

  2. 1744 - The year after he immigrated, he married Maria Catherina Pontius, a German girl in Berks Co, Pa.

  3. His father died in 1749 in Heidelberg twp, Berks Co, PA

    • 1755 - Christophel was with Gen. Braddock and Washington on their disastrous march to Ft. Duquesne (now Pittsburgh) in the French and Indian War. [One source indicates that that may be how he got his "Tomahawk Grant" -- maybe in Westmoreland Co, PA.  But a Tomahowk Grant was not a reward for military service, it was merely slashes that a man put on trees surrounding his claim of land before there was a land office. Later when a land office was organized, they usually legalized these slashes, called Tomahawk Grants.]

    • His brother John George moved to Chapman Twp, Snyder Co, PA and spelled his name HERROLD.

    • 1770 - George Christopher went on an expedition to Western Pennsylvania with Conrad Weiser (who had helped found the settlement at Tulpehocken) and was given land in Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland County (formed in 1773), which became known as "HARROLDton." (This may be been when he marked out his Tomahawk Grant). Around 1770 settlers started moving into southwestern Pennsylvania, some from Frederick Co, Va, others from eastern Pa. They were in constant danger of Indian attacks. During the Revolutionary War ownership of the western lands transferred from English proprietary lands to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 1781 the state created a State Land Office.

    • He dedicated 158 acres called "Good Purpose" on which later was built Harrold's Zion Lutheran Church (today St. John's Church is on this land). There is also a Harrold's Cemetery where they are buried.

    • 1787 - Died apr 23, Greensburg, Hempfield twp, Westmoreland, Pa

  1. see short bio

  2. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index as:

"Harrold/Herrold, Christopher Sr, b 10-22-1723, Germany, d ca 4-1-1787 PA, m Catherina Mary X(unknown), CS (civil service) PA"

There is a plaque at his grave[7], placed there by the DAR which says, “Defender of the Frontier” during the Revolutionary War.

WikiTree page - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hoeroldt-1

Findagrave page - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/27467787

7th generation

John Peter Harrold, Sr

John Peter Harrold was b 1754 Berks Co Pa.

    • 1770-75 - (abt 16 years old) moved west with his father to Westmoreland Co, Pa. 

    • 1777 - married Elizabeth Baum in May, Pennsylvania (probably Westmoreland Co)

    • In 1820 there was a John Herrold and a Peter Herrold in Westmoreland Co, Pa

    • 1826 - married 2nd Catherine Harrold [don't know the relationship, but maybe she was a sister-in-law]

  1. 1835 - died Mar 6.


    1. John Peter Jr, 1780-1850

    2. Christian

    3. Christopher

    4. Daniel (son: Jacob, 1818-1885, m Elizabeth Anna Harbough/Hollenbeck)

    5. John (died)

    6. David, b 1816

    7. Catherine

    8. Elizabeth

    9. Susanna

   10.  John

WikiTree - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Harrold-150

Findagrave - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/41925179

8th generation

John Peter Harrold, Jr

John Peter Harrold Jr, born Jan 23, 1780, in the Harrold Settlement, Westmoreland, Pa

He was called Peter. He had a younger brother named John, but it was common among Germans to named all or most of their sons the same first name, then call them by their second name.

    • 1794 - (age 14) Peter would have been in Westmoreland County, PA during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.

  1. 1801 - (age 21) married 1st to Elizabeth Muehleisen Milliron

He married probably twice to 2 different Elizabeths.

1. Elizabeth Muehleisen Milliron, in 1801 in Westmoreland Co, Pa. They has 7 children; George, John, Maria, Sarah, Elizabeth, Catherine, Samuel.

2. Elizabeth Silvius, before 1818 in Stark Co, Ohio. They had 2 sons: Peter R. & David. (or maybe Peter R. was the 1st wife’s child) But Son, Peter R. stated on his marriage license to his 2nd wife that he was the son of Peter Harroll and Elizabeth Tilvis.

    He moved to Stark Co, Ohio before 1820 (Stark Co was formed in 1808 from Columbiana Co, where his brothers David & Christian settled)

    1820 in Stark Co, Ohio (Paris twp, p. 226) "Peter Harrold - 210010 - 2101001"

            Peter - 26-44

            Elizabeth - 26-44

            1 son - 10-15 [George-18, John-16]

            1 daug - 10-15 [Maria-14, Sarah-11]

            2 daug - 0-10 [Elizabeth-10, Catherine-7]

            2 sons - 0-10 [Samuel-5, Peter-2]

    He may have married Elizabeth Silvius before 1820 in Ohio. She was surely the mother of David. There is a 9-year gap in the children's ages.

[legend: 2 boys under 10, 1 boy 10-16, 1 man 26-45 - 2 girls 0-10, 1 girl 10-16, 1 woman 26-45, 1 foreigner or naturlized]

     1830 he was in Wayne Co, Ohio (He was not in the 1823 census of Wayne Co, Oh)

Harrole, Peter - 1110101-00020

. . . . Peter - 40-50 (he was 50)
. . . . woman - 50-60 (Elizabeth was abt 51)
. . . . son - 20-30 (John Jr-26, George-28)
. . . . 2 girls - 15-20 (maybe Elizabeth-20 & Catherine-17)
. . . . son - 10-15 (Peter R-12, Samuel-15)
. . . . son - 5-10  ( ? )

. . . . son - under 5 (David-5?)

In the 1830s Peter & his sons moved to IL: Peter, George, Samuel and maybe John.

John married in Richland co, IL in 1835.

But daughter Catherine may have married in 1838 in Wayne Co, OH.

    1840 - Peter and his son, Peter were both in the 1840 census of Lawrence Co, IL, p 186 - 

            Peter Herald - 00000101-000000001

            male 30-40 - (George-38)

            male 50-60 - (Peter-60)

            female  60-70 - (Elizabeth-abt 64)

            [where is David-13???]

This was his son, Peter R.

1840 Lawrence Co, IL, p 199 -

Harrold, Peter - 0001-00001

male - 15-20 (Peter-22)

female - 20-30 (Maria-22)

Mar 10, 1843 he bought land in Lawrence Co, IL, Bond township, west of Birds, IL

Peter Harrold, 40 acres, full payment

2nd PM, tpw 5N, R 12W, section 27, SE 1/4 SE 1/4,

land office at Palestine

Go west of Birds on 10 hwy. His land (a half-wooded field) is a little before you get to 950E.

For some reason, they decided to pull up and move to the next county before 1850. Possibly they were following a son or two.

Sons Peter R., Samuel, and David bought land in Richland Co, IL in 1850-53. I can’t find any for George or John.

    1850 - Peter & Elizabeth were living with son George in Richland Co, IL, p. 162 (Oct. 28):

            Harold, George - 46, b OH, farmer

            Harold, Peter - 61 PA, farmer  (prob should be 70)

            Harold, Elizabeth - 74 PA

The Harrold/Harrolle/Heral family (Peter with sons: Samuel, Peter R, and David) all lived close to each other in Richland County, Claremont Township SE of Claremont, IL

Feb 1, 1850, son David Heral bought 40 acres in Richland Co, Claremont Twp. [Search Bureau of Land Management for Harrold, Heral, and Harrolle - https://glorecords.blm.gov/search/default.aspx ]

Twp 3, R 14W, Sec 22, NW 1/4 SE 1/4

Then again Apr 15, 1853, he bought 40 acres in

Twp 3, R 14W, Sec 22, SW 1/4 SE 1/4

These two pieces were touching being together the west 1/2 of the SE 1/4.

From Claremont go south on N. Wood River Rd, then turn east on Post Ln. about 1/2 mile. The land is on the south side of Post Ln.

See plat - https://www.acrevalue.com/plat-map/IL/Richland/

In 1851 son Peter R. Harrolle bought 2 pieces of land in

twp 4N, R 14W, sec 35, E 1/2 NW 1/4

twp 4N, R 14W, sec 35, W 1/2 NE 1/4

(these 2 plots of 80 acres each were connected. 2 sections SE of David, on the south side of E Ebenezer Lane, 1 1/2 miles East of N. Wood River Rd.)

In 1852 Peter Harrolle (or his son?) bought land in

Twp 3N, R 14W, Sec 14, SE 1/4 NW 1/4 - 40 acres

(In the section northeast of David. Since George did buy any land, and he was living with Peter, perhaps Peter bought this for him. Otherwise, it seems strange that he would have bought this 40 acres not too long before he died. From Claremont, go 2 miles south on N. Wood River Rd, turn east on E. Tower Ln for 1 mile. His land was in the middle of that section, cleared farm land, but it is a plot of 80 acres now, so there is no road access to it. )

In 1852 son Samuel Harrold bought land in

Twp 3N, R 14W, sec 27, SW 1/4 SW 1/4

(In the section just south of David's land, on the east side of N Wood river Rd. About 2 miles down the road from his brother David)

Peter passed away after 1852 in Richland Co, IL. (burial place unknown).

Cemeteries nearby:

Crest Haven Cem, ne of Claremont (3 Harrell, Harrolle)

Antioch Cem, 2 mi E of Claremont (has his son Peter)

Mount Pleasant, 1 mi S of Claremont (has some Harrolles there)

Eureka Cem, abt 2 mi S of Claremont

    children: George, John, Maria, Sarah, Elizabeth, Catherine, Samuel, Peter R.  & David

WikiTree - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Harrold-356

Findagrave - https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/95634901

8th generation - David Heral

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The Heral family from Germany to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas

Village of Marbach, Germany below

Marbach, Germany, a postcard from 1916

The Harrold house in Marbach, Germany at Steinheimer Market Street #24.

Lichtenstein Castle in Stuttgart, Germany, (abt 25 miles south of Marbach) would have been familiar to our Herald ancestors.  

Christ’s Lutheran, Tulpehocken Creek, Berks Co, PA,  just NW of Stouchberg, erected 1785. First building erected 1743.

Tulpehocken Falls, Berks Co, PA