David Heral


David, son of John Peter Harrold Jr and Elizabeth Silvius, was probably named for his father’s brother, David Harrold (1789 PA - 1836 OH)

David Heral/Herald/Harrold was born July 18, probably 1825, Stark (or Holmes? ) Co, Ohio.  [His father was in the 1820 Stark Co, OH Census (before David was born) and in Wayne Co, OH by 1830.]

His birthdate varies in his records.

- his Army records give his year of birth as 1827

- his tombstone gives his birthdate as July 18, 1817 (but all his father’s children are accounted for in the 1820 census, so he must have been born after that.)

- the 1850 census shows 1824 as his birthdate (the same year as his wife’s)

- the 1860 census shows 1830

- the 1880 census shows 1820 

According to one of Will's daughters, Mary Ann (b1824) gave David's birthdate as sooner because she didn't want folks to know that he was younger than her. 

His parentage isn't completely proven. It has been believed in the past that perhaps David's father was George Harrold and George's father was John Peter Harrold, Jr. But as I search the census records from 1820 to 1850, I find that George seems to have lived with his parents all that time and in 1850 he was unmarried.

John Peter Jr was 45 when David was born, and his wife was about 48. There is about 7 years difference between David and his older brother, so it seems he was definitely a surprise to his older parents. He might have been the only child of Peter’s 2nd wife.

In 1830 Peter (age 50) had a young son (0-5) with him who could be David (5?). Peter's wife was over 50 in 1830; seems a little old to have a 3-year-old.

Another strange thing is that in 1840 George (38) was still living with his parents, but David (15) was not. Where was he?

David could't write his name, so it had various spellings until later in his life, maybe until he got married. All his descendants spell their name "Heral." I can find no family stories about David's parents or siblings that were passed down, and since his name appears to be spelled differently than others in his family, I wonder if he and Mary Ann chose to put some distance between them.

In 1830 his father and family were in Wayne Co, Ohio.

In 1840 his father and brother Peter were in Lawrence Co, IL (on the east side of Richland Co)

David married in 1845. My record says they were married in Lawrenceville, Richland Co, but Lawrenceville is in Lawrence Co. I wonder if they got the license in Richland Co, but married in Lawrence Co.

He married Mary Ann Leathers. Mary Ann was born Oct. 1, 1824 in Ohio.

This quote from the Richland County Marriage Records, filed at Olney:  "I do hereby certify that on the Ninth day of January in the year of our Lord 1845, I joined in matrimony Mr. David Hearld and Miss Mary Ann Leathers in usual form according to Law given under my hand and seal date above written. (signed) John Dollahan, J.P.." The certificate below was created for Mary Ann's pension file in 1894.

For some reason, in 1850 he and Mary Ann were living with Thomas & Elizabeth Bird. Don’t know if they were related. He did have an aunt (or sister) named Elizabeth, but she married George Freeke.


1850 Richland Co, IL, p. 162 (Oct. 28):

Bird, Thomas - 50 OH, farmer

. . . . Elizabeth - 40 OH

. . . . Mary A. - 15 OH

. . . . John - 12 OH

. . . . Susan - 9 OH

Harold, David (male) - 26 OH, farmer  [David b 1824]

. . . . Mary A. - 22 OH  [Mary Ann Leathers, b 1824]

. . . . Marcy A. - 4 OH  [Martha Ann, b 1846]

. . . . Elizabeth - 2 OH   [Mary Elizabeth, b 1847]

next door:

Harold, George - 46, b OH, farmer [David’s older brother]

Harold, Peter - 61 PA, farmer  (prob should be 70) [David’s father]

Harold, Elizabeth - 74 PA [David’s mother]

Feb 1, 1850, son David Heral bought 40 acres in Richland Co, Claremont Twp.

Search land grants at - https://glorecords.blm.gov/search/default.aspx

Twp 3, R 14W, Sec 22, NW 1/4 SE 1/4

Then again Apr 15, 1853, he bought 40 acres in 

Twp 3, R 14W, Sec 22, SW 1/4 SE 1/4

These two pieces were touching being together the west 1/2 of the SE 1/4

From Claremont go south on N. Wood River Rd 2 miles, then turn east on Post Ln. about 1/2 mile. The land is on the south side of Post Ln.

See plat - https://www.acrevalue.com/plat-map/IL/Richland/

His father and brothers Peter R and Samuel bought land nearby.

David had been married 16 years and had 4 children when he joined the Union Army Dec 24, 1861 and was in Co F, 60th Ill. Vol. Inf. as "David Herald".

He re-enlisted in Feb 1864 and was discharged at the end of the War, July 31, 1865 in Louisville, Ky.  He had enlisted as a resident of Claremont, Richland Co., Ill.   His records describe him as 6 ft., light complexion, grey eyes, light hair. "He contracted disease of heart & liver from exposure to cold rain which settled in his system and disabled him from soldier's duty...from which he never recovered." (quote from military records).

There was a John Herald who also was in the 60th Ill. Infantry with David.  They were both from Claremont and enlisted the same day. David had a brother and a cousin named John.

The History of the Sixtieth Infantry (from the Illinois Adjutant General's Report) says that this infantry of volunteers was organized at Camp Dubois in Anna, Ill. Feb. 17, 1862 by Col. Silas Toler.  This group was in the siege of Corinth May 1862, in the siege of Nashville Sept-Nov 1862, and in the battle of Murfreesboro Jan 5, 1863.

David re-enlisted Feb 22, 1864. His was discharged July 31, 1865 in Louisville, KY. and 19 days later his son, Will was born (in Edwards Co, IL (abt 12 miles south of Claremont). This was their 5th and last child and perhaps Mary Ann had gone there to stay so someone could help her. Obviously, David must have come home about Nov. 1864 for a visit. There is a 6-year gap between child 4 and 5, owing to David’s military time. Their first 2 children were born in 1846 & 1847, then the next 2 were in 1858 and 1859, the first child (Martha) married in 1863, then the last child (Will) was born in 1865. Martha has a baby in 1866, a year after her mother’s last child. It’s possible that they lost a baby or two during those gaps.

After the Civil War the family lived in Richland Co, IL.  

I don’t see him on the census in 1870.

In 1880 David was listed on the census as 60 years old and living with his family in Lancaster township, Wabash County, Ill. (near the corner of Richland, Lawrence & Wabash counties).  

    David, 60 (b 1820?)

    Mary A., 58

    Harrison W., 20 (born Ill.)

    William S., 13 (born Ill.)

(The girls, Martha, Mary E. & Emma would have already been married)

In 1881 David was still living in Wabash Co. in Mier, IL.  Also living nearby was Frank & Emeline Hinderliter (daughter  Emma). 

David did not drink or smoke, but suffered from trouble with his lungs, heart trouble, rheumatism & diarrhea, all which he contracted during the Civil War.  "He was very sick from July 1890 to Oct 1891, not able to make a living from manual labor" (quote from military pension record). He was only 63 years old then. 

They moved to Colorado about 1893 (because of his sickness? or to follow a son, Will?). Will married in Aug, 1892 in Omaha, Nebraska, but I don't know if he went ahead of them or they were with him then. Since the railroad was complete, they probably traveled that way. The towns of Kit Carson County were offering promises of a prosperous future to settlers.

David died in1894 at his home near Siebert, Kit Carson Co, Colorado of pneumonia.  He was buried in the Siebert Cemetery just outside of Siebert on the NE side of town.

He wasn't listed in the death index of Kit Carson Co (though he has a tombstone at the cemetery) - http://www.archives.state.co.us/deaths/ -  but his grandson, Franklin Heral was. (Will's 4-year-old son died in Siebert, Colo. in Mar 1903. After he died, Will's wife Rosina wanted to move away, so they all moved to Missouri.)

David’s tombstone reads:  "David Herald, born July 18, 1817, died Mar 27, 1894"

Family accounts say that Mary Ann was a small woman.  After David died she lived for a while with son, Will in Colorado, then moved to Missouri, where they were in Howell County about 30 miles from her daughter, Mary E. VonAllmen in Rover (Oregon Co.). 

She probably lived with Will in Howell Co, Mo. from about 1903 to 1907. She visited her daughter, Martha Ransom, and her family in Illinois in 1905 or 1906.  She died in 1907 at Olden, Howell Co, Mo. and was buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery there. [To locate the cemetery, go north out of West Plains, Mo on Hwy 63. At the sign for Olden, turn left (west) onto dirt road. Go about 2 miles until the road comes to a T.  Then turn left (take the left fork) and go about 1 mile to the church. Mary Ann's tombstone is just about in the middle of the cemetery.]

Not sure who all these people are. 

Seated in front is Emma (Heral) Hinderliter (48 yrs old), daug of David & Mary Ann Heral, and

her nephew, Elmer Vonallmen (grandson of David & Mary Ann). Looks like Elmer was about 16.

He moved with his family to Missouri in 1896 when he was 16,

so maybe this was a picture taken right before they moved away from Oblong, Crawford Co, IL.

It makes sense that this would be a family reunion before Mary Elizabeth's family moved away.

(David had already died and Mary Ann and son Will were living in Colorado).

The man on the left looks like it might be Wes.

The woman standing doesn't look like Martha Ransom (50 yrs old) or like Wes' wife.

(Her husband died in 1879 and her first son, David Oscar died in 1884.)

The only one who might look like her is Elmer's aunt, Mary VonAllmen Steward.

Children of David Heral & Mary Ann Leathers:

1. Martha Ann Heral, born Sep 17, 1846, Richland County, IL; married Reuben Allerton Ransom, Apr 16, 1863, Richland Co, IL. Reuben died in 1879 in Illinois. Martha moved to Ark. with her children about 1910, where she died in 1929, she was in Harrisburg, Ark.

Children (all born in Richland Co, IL):

(pictured at right with John and Rosie)

1a) Mary Alice Ransom, born Nov 8, 1866; married Lemuel Prentice Shoemaker; died 1918, IL

1b) David Oscar Ransom, born Jan 21, 1869, died 1884 IL

1c) John Wesley Ransom, born Dec 23, 1874; married Cora Groff; died 1920, Ark

1d) Rose E. Ransom, born Nov 24, 1877; married Samuel Crites, died 1959 Ark

Mary and John with 7 of their children, taken about 1894 in IL

2. Mary Elizabeth Heral, born Oct 14, 1847, Richland County, IL. Married John VonAllmen Nov 1, 1866, Olney, IL. Their first 5 children were born in Olney. In 1878 they moved to Oblong, Crawford Co, IL, where their remaining 5 children were born. In 1896 they moved to Rover, Oregon Co., Mo. John died in 1913, Mary in 1917. They were buried in Jolliff Cemetery across the road from their home.


2a)    Edward Von Allmen, 1867-98; m Marietta "Etta" Dickey

2b)    Wesley O. Von Allmen, 1870-79

2c)    Mary Ellen Von Allmen, 1872-74

2d)    Alfred Riley Von Allmen, 1876-96

2e)    Millie Von Allmen, 1879-1969; m George Spencer

2f)     Elmer Franklin Von Allmen, 1880-1967; m Nora Bell Jolliff

2g)    David A. Von Allmen, 1883-84

2h)    Charley Orey Von Allmen, 1885-1968; m Ollie May Sparks

2i)     Harlin Albert Von Allmen, 1888-1972; m Ethel Judd

2j)     Lillie Rosetta Von Allmen, 1891-1920; m Elijah Jolliff

Since there is an 11-year gap in the ages of Mary and Emma, it seems likely that Mary Ann may have lost

a couple of babies.

  1. 3.Sarah Emmaline "Emma" Heral, born Feb 7, 1858,  Claremont, Richlard Co, IL.  

  2. 4.Married William Franklin Hinderliter. Lived in West Salem, IL. 


3a) Stella Elizabeth Hinderliter, b Mar 1880; m Alvin Aaron Nading; d Nov 1957

3b) Kurt (Curt) Hinderliter

3c) Bert (Burt) Hinderliter

3d) Roy Hinderliter, b abt 1885

3e) Della Hinderliter, b Dec 27, 1889

4. Harrison Wesley "Wes" Heral, born Nov 3, 1859, Richland Co, IL.  Married Nannie Jane Shoemaker, Jan 27, 1884, Richland Co, IL.  The first 6 children were born in Richland Co, IL.  Then, Verona was born in 1897 in Williamson Co, Tn., Nova was born in 1899 in Hickory Ridge, Ark.,  and Anna was born in 1905 back in Richland Co, IL. If this is right then Wes took a "tour" through Tn and Ark, coming back to IL before finally moving back to Arkansas by 1914.

Died Oct 12, 1939, Hickory Ridge, Ark., buried Lewis Cem. with wife and son Lemuel.


4a) Stella Emma Heral, b Nov 19, 1884; m Feb 1907, Odis Edward Groff; d May 8, 1934,

both buried Eureka Cem., Claremont twp, Richland Co, IL

4b) Clara Ellen Heral, b May 23, 1886, Richland Co, IL; m July 22, 1911 in Ok to Burl Eli McLemore

(d 1961, OK).  In 1976 Ellen was in Corn, Ok. 

4c) Edna Alice Heral, b June 2, 1888; d age 23, Anna, Il

4d) Elsa Amanda Heral, b Mar 17, 1890; m in Il to Charles Bollinger; d Apr 1962 IL

4e) David Lorenzo Heral,  b July 22, 1893; m Oct 9, 1921 to Bessie Lee Bonham;

d Nov 25, 1974, Marion, Ind, buried Swayzee, Ind. 

4f) Lemuel Elmore Heral, b Jan 2, 1896; d Apr 14, 1972, Ark.

4g) Nova Jane Heral, b Jan 28, 1899, Hickory Ridge, Ark; m Grover Cleveland Marcus (1893-1940,

bur Pocahontas, Ark); she d Apr 5, 1961, Gulfport, Miss.

4h) Venona Arlene Heral, b Aug 4, 1902 near Claremont, Ill; m Dec 24, 1924 to Thomas Beard

4i) Anna Corella Heral, b Oct 29, 1905, Richland Co, IL; m Sept 7, 1924 to Daniel Ezekiel Somers. 

5. William Sherman "Will" Heral, born Aug 19, 1865 near West Salem, Edward Co. (SE) Il; in 1881 he was in Wabash Co, IL near his family. He was a wanderer and managed to make his way from Illinois to San Francisco. While he was in Omaha, Neb he met and married on Aug 19, 1892, Rosina Maud Chamberlain (1873-1940, d Marquand, Mo).

Lived in Siebert, Colo abt 1893-1903 near his parents.  Lived in Howell Co, Mo abt 1903 to abt 1908, probably with his mother.  Then moved to Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co, Ark abt 1908.  Will was in Auto Hit and Run near Manila, Ark, but did not die there.  He died in hospital in Batesville on 23 March 1933.  Children:

5a) William Edward Heral,  b June 8, 1893, Siebert, Colo; m 1st Ila Mae Holder (d 1915 Ark); m 2nd Dora McKnelly (d 1923 Greene Co, Ark; 1 ch); m 3rd Willie Felicia Rickey, Sept 21, 1925, Lawrence Co, Ark (7 ch; d 1958, O’Kean, Ark).  He died Oct 16, 197?, Paragould, Ark; buried Walnut Ridge, Ark. 

5b) Mary Augusta Heral,  b Feb 8, 1895; m ? Oglesby; d Apr 13, 1971, Kirkwood, Mo; buried Blackwell Masonic Cemetery

5c) Carrie Emma Heral,  b May 26, 1897, Siebert, Colo; m 1st Charles Lee Baremore; m 2nd May 16, 1930, Farmington, Mo to Arden Bolton (b 1894, The Dalles, Ore; d 1971, Prineville, Ore).  

5d) Charles Franklin Heral, b July 1, 1899, Colo; d Mar 1, 1903, Colo

5e) Raymond Arthur Heral,  b May 21, 1901, Colo.; d 1982; bur Stephens Cem, Marquand, Mo

5f) Dacy Ruth Heral, b Sept 23, 1903, Howell Co, Mo; m Charles Baremore

5g) Rose Alice "Dollie" Heral, b Apr 17, 1907, Howell Co, Mo; dAug 13, 1992, bur Stephens Cem, near Marquand, Madison Co, Mo.

5h) Grace Marie Heral, b Mar 7, 1909, Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co, Ark; d Oct 8, 1970, Marquand, Mo, bur Stephens Cem

Mary Ann’s tombstone

Kit Carson County, Colorado