1f) JAMES ERASMUS “Rab” JOLLIFF was born August 8, 1858 in Oregon Co. Mo.  He was named for his father’s two grandfathers Erasmus Nobles and James Jolliff.  

        He married July 11, 1878 to Matilda Marilla “Tilda” Tatum.  Matilda was born in1860 in Stoddard Co, Mo, and was the daughter of William Tatum and his 2nd wife, Mary Ann Eaves. Her mother died when she was very young and William remarried in 1865 to Caroline Webb, and they had several more children.

        Rab was a lay Baptist preacher and though we’re not sure if he ever pastored a church, he did preach around a lot, filling in for pastors and put much work into Shiloh Baptist Church in Rover, (Oregon Co.) Mo.  Two mentions of his preaching were found in the South Missourian newspaper in Alton: Mar 15, 1900, community of Grabb (later Rover): “Bro. Rab Jolliff filled Bro. Hodges’ appointment, and delivered quite an interesting sermon at Park’s Chapel Sunday eve.” Mar 29, 1900, Grabb: “Bro. Rab Jolliff delivered quite an interesting sermon at the Baptist Church Sunday.” His granddaughter, Fay (Jolliff) Kimbrough, thinks that he pastored at Shiloh church and also pastored Elk Creek, but she is not positive about either.

        The Shiloh Baptist church in Rover burned in the 1920’s.  Rab had been paying the insurance on the building for years, but some of the people didn’t want him to have a say in what was being done, so he gave the insurance money to the trustees to build a new church.  They spent all the money without buying new insurance, and had the church almost rebuilt when a tornado hit Rover and blew it away on Thanksgiving Day, 1926.  So Rab and another man in the church mortgaged their farms and built the church that is now standing.  He spent a lot of time visiting the people in their homes trying to raise money to pay for it.  When the building was finished he said, “God has His hand on this church, it will stand.”  Matilda sometimes got upset about him spending so much time with the church because some of the people treated him so badly and talked about him.  But Rab’s philosophy was, “If they are talking about me, they are letting someone else rest.”  His daughter, Nora Bell was often hurt for him and said, “A few of the people wanted him around only when they could use him.”  But he faithfully continued, and when he was old he walked to the church and cleaned it regularly until he could no longer walk.

Rab & Tilda lived on a farm on the main highway a few miles north of Rover, Mo.  

        Tilda’s obituary said that they had 12 children.  Only 9 of them have been accounted for: seven of these lived to adulthood; two died young—in 1882/83 their  first child, Mandy died (age 3-4), and in 1899 another baby died at 18 months (name unknown, but the baby's death was mentioned in the newspaper).  Only 4 were living at the time of Tilda's death.

        After their children were grown son Elijah contracted tuberculosis from a man that he carried the mail with.  He died in 1919, and his wife Lillie (VonAllmen) died from T.B. in 1920.  Two of Elijah’s children, Marie and Ed, lived with Rab & Tilda after their parents died (Ed first lived with Harlin VonAllmen).  Rab and Tilda also kept May and her baby, Vada, until May died of T.B.  Lizzie and her two children came to live with them, and she also died of T.B.   

Only 4 of Rab & Tilda’s children outlived them: Nora, Randle, Razie, and Aaron.  Tilda died Feb. 5, 1929, a few days before her 70th birthday.  On Feb. 7, 1929, the front page, near the bottom, of the South Missourian Democrat had this news article: 

“News was received of the death of Mrs. Rab Jollif (sic) of near Rover on Tuesday morning.  Mr. & Mrs. Jollif have been residents of Highland Township many years and their many friends will be sorry to hear of her death.”  

Tilda was carried to Jolliff Cemetery in the back of Clara (granddaughter) and Hade Trantham’s Model-T truck.  It was snowing the day she was buried.  On Feb. 14, 1929, Matilda’s obituary was printed on the front page, near the top:      

“Matilda M. Jolliff was born February 12, 1859 and died February 5, 1929; age 69 years, 11 months, and 23 days.  She was married to J.R. Jolliff, July 11, 1878.  To this union twelve children were born;  four of them and the father  survive. Mrs. Jolliff had been a member of the Missionary Baptist Church for 39 years, and lived a faithful Christian  life.  She was devoted to her family, friends and church and will be greatly missed in her  accustomed place. Funeral services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. Perry Bennett, at the Rover Baptist Church Thursday the 7th,  and she was laid to rest in the Jolliff Cemetery to await the resurrection morn.”

After Tilda died Rab kept Marie and Ed for as long as he could.  When he began to get sick, he gave his property and everything he had to Aaron and went to live with him.  

Both were buried at the Jolliff Cemetery.  


1.  Amanda Jolliff

1f1) Mandy was born 1879 and was named for her mother’s sister, died 1882 or ‘83 at the age of 3-4.


1f2) “Lizzie” was born May 1881, named for her aunt, great aunt, great-great aunt, & great-great grandmother Jolliff; m Feb 8, 1902 to Amos J. Tull.  They moved to Oklahoma and she was very unhappily married, having to work hard to support the family.  Amos, pretending to be Lizzie, wrote Rab asking for some money for a ticket home.  Rab thought it might be Amos and not Lizzie who wanted the money, and yet he was afraid not to send it for fear Lizzie really needed to come home.  So he wired her a ticket instead of money.  Lizzie, not knowing anything about all this, was doing the laundry when the ticket arrived.  She packed her bags, took her two children, and went home.  

Lizzie contracted T.B. from her brother, Elijah, after moving home.  One evening as she lay dying at her father’s house she raised up in bed and said that the Lord was coming at daybreak for her.  She laid back down, and the next morning at daybreak she died.  After she died Amos Tull came back for the children and then he married an Indian woman from Oklahoma who had inherited a lot of money from oil land.  She took good care of the kids and they had a good life after that.  Children:

. . . 1f2a)     CLEO TULL, b 1901

. . . 1f2b)     ARTHUR TULL, b 1905


1f3) Nora was born Sept 13, 1885. Nora's parents were Democrats and when she got to be a big girl she would say to them, "When I grow up, I'm going to marry a Republican!" --and she did.

She married Feb. 1, 1903 to Elmer Franklin Von Allmen (son of John & Mary Elizabeth VonAllmen); they lived on a farm near Rover and later moved into Rover. Once Elmer and Nora walked to her father’s house to visit him when he was sick.  On the way home, Nora fell on the ice and broke her wrist.  Elmer set it but they walked back to Rab’s house and let him check it to see if it was alright.  

In May 1952 they moved to a new house that Elmer built in Rover. Nora  died Nov 26, 1952. After several years of having heart problems, she had a heart attack while she was sitting on a stool washing dishes. She was 67.


. . . 1f3a)     LEE VON ALLMEN, b Sept 19, 1903; m Goldie Redburn; died Dec 14, 1960 of  leukemia; buried Oak Lawn Cem., West Plains, MO.

. . . 1f3b)     CLARA ELLEN VON ALLMEN, b  Aug. 30, 1905; m Hade Trantham; Moved to Washington, IL.  Hade died May 10, 1983. Clara died Dec. 3, 1995. Both buried Oak Lawn Cem., West Plains, Mo. 

. . . 1f3c)     JOHN JAMES VON ALLMEN, b 1909; m Mary Ellen Collins; d Apr 8, 2000

. . . 1f3d)     WADE VON ALLMEN, b Sept 5, 1911; m Sula Bales; Sula died in 1991; Wade died July 31, 1996. 

. . . 1f3e)     RAYMON VON ALLMEN, b Aug. 2, 1915; m Murielene Dunkin. He was a school bus driver for Rover-Thomasville-Alton school districts for 29 years. He served on the board of directors fo Jolliff Cememtery for 47 years, and was a member of the Pentecostal Church in Rover. He died Jan. 24, 2000, West Plains, Mo; buried Jolliff Cemetery, Rover. 

. . . 1f3f)     MARLIN VON ALLMEN, b July 17, 1917; m Vesta Gayle Huddleston; lived in Peoria, Illinois for several years, then moved back to Rover, Oregon Co, Mo

. . . 1f3g)     BERTHA DANA VON ALLMEN, b Nov 14, 1922; m J.I. Willard

. . . 1f3h)     DEAN VON ALLMEN, b June 9, 1925; m Eula Dunkin (div); lives in West Plains, Mo


1f4) Lige was born Mar. 28, 1886, named for his uncle & great-grandfather Elijah Summers Jolliff; m Nov 16, 1908, Lillie VonAllmen (daughter of John).  Lige contracted T.B. from a man he carried the mail with and he died Nov. 1919.  Lillie also died of T.B. Aug. 17, 1920. Elijah's sister, Nora said that Lillie would not be careful with Lige and she continued to sleep with him after he got TB.  She said that she didn't want to hurt his feelings, and so she ended up getting TB also.  Their children were raised by relatives.  

Children: (see also VonAllmen family)

. . . 1f4a)     MELVIN RAY JOLLIFF, b Oct 24, 1909; lived with his uncle Razie Jolliff after his parents died; m Feb 21, 1931, Virginia Redburn; d 1962

. . . 1f4b)     FAY MATILDA JOLLIFF, b Nov 10, 1911.  Lived at first with another relative, but she was unhappy.  So she asked her aunt Nora, "Do you think Uncle Elmer would mind if I came to live with you?" From then on she lived with Elmer & Nora (Jolliff) VonAllmen; m June 17, 1929, William “Bill” Kimbrough

. . . 1f4c)     EDWARD A. JOLLIFF, b Jan 4, 1914. First lived with his uncle Harlan VonAllmen, but once when Ed ran away to his grandparents house, Rab felt that he wasn't being treated well, so he got custody of him.  Then Ed lived with grandparents Rab & Tilda Jolliff until they died (1929-30), then lived with Betsy’s George, John & Mary Ellen VonAllmen, and several others.  He went to Arkansas to pick cotton, met Elsa there, got married and came back to Oregon Co.; m Elsie Moore

. . . 1f4d)     WAYNE JOLLIFF, died at 9 months (probably b/d about 1916)

. . . 1f4e)     ANNA MARIE JOLLIFF, b June 14, 1918; lived with grandparents Rab & Tilda Jolliff until they died (1929-30) then lived with sister Fay; m John Kimbrough, Feb 9, 1935


1f5) Randle was born March 1890, named for his uncle by that name &/or for his two grandfathers Randolph Jolliff & William Tatum; m Nov. 26, 1909 to Ida M Nichols (daug of Levi & Amanda); moved to Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1942; children:

. . . 1f5a)     BERTIE JOLLIFF, m Roy Frazier, moved to Crossville, Ill.

. . . 1f5b)     BERTHA JOLLIFF, (Bertie’s twin), m Robert Walker, moved to Lafayette, Ind.

. . . 1f5c)     CLYDA JOLLIFF, m Joe Henbest, moved to Columbus, Ks.

. . . 1f5d)     LLOYD JOLLIFF, lives in Pascagoula, Miss.

. . . 1f5e)     WAYNE JOLLIFF, moved to Wentzville, MO

. . . 1f5f)     MARYLAN JOLLIFF, m Quinn Hood; moved to Champaign, Ill.

. . . 1f5g)     BARBARA JOLLIFF, b 1933, m Bennie E. Barham; moved to Champaign, Ill.

. . . 1f5h)     VESTA JOLLIFF, m Charles Thompson; lives in West Plains, Mo.; ch: Ron (m Joyce Wright: ch: Travis & a girl)

. . . 1f5i)     one stillborn baby


1f6) “Razie” was born Jan 8, 1892, named for his father; was a private in World War I, 164 Depot Brigade; m (eloped) June 13, 1917, Oregon Co, Mo to Audra Miller; d 1949; buried Jolliff Cemetery.  [Razie pictured at right]

children (they had 8 daughters, and only one son that lived):

. . . 1f6a)     IRENE JOLLIFF, b May 4, 1918; m 1st 1937, John Collins (no children); m 2nd 1942, Ogden Mills

. . . 1f6b)     RALPH JOLLIFF, b Apr 20, 1920; m Nanlee Fore; d 1997

. . . 1f6c)     RACHEL L. JOLLIFF, b Nov 5, 1921; m Lonzo Herring

. . . 1f6d)    JAMES AMOS JOLLIFF, b/d Feb. 9, 1924

. . . 1f6e)     AMANDA “Mandy” JOLLIFF, b May 15, 1925; m 1943, Merle Marshall; m 2nd 1981, Harold Hartzman

. . . 1f6f)     RUTH JOLLIFF, b Apr 27, 1927; m James Jeff Huddleston

. . . 1f6g)     BLANCHE F. JOLLIFF, b Apr. 9, 1930; m Virgil Hardin; d 1952

. . . 1f6h)     LOTTIE JOLLIFF, b Dec 19, 1933; m Dwayne Hicks, 1952; m 2nd Ken Reynolds

. . . 1f6i)     LOYDA JOLLIFF, b Dec 17, 1935; m John Walter Stapleton

. . . 1f6j)     VERA JOLLIFF, b Sept 15, 1941; m Robert Fite, 1960


Back: Ruth, Rachel, Mandy, Ralph, Loyda, Lottie

Front: Irene,  Audra (Miller) Jolliff, Vera


1f7) Aaron was born March 22, 1895. He married 1st Ruby A. Ellis (1903-1924), who died in childbirth. He married 2nd Lula Elnora Hamilton, 1924; children:

. . . 1f7a)     Golman D. Jolliff, b 1920; d 1922

. . . 1f7b)     ARETHA JOLLIFF, b Jan 27, 1924; m Walter W. Newnam

. . . 1f7c)     Rena Lucille Jolliff, b 1925; d 1928 a few days after falling in a tub of hot lye water that her mother was using to do the laundry.

. . . 1f7d)     AARON GEORGE JOLLIFF, Jr., b Mar 27, 1928; d Dec 28, 1991, bur Jolliff Cem; m 1st ? Dewayne?; m 2nd Mary Louise ?

. . . 1f7e)     KENNETH OTTO JOLLIFF, b Sept 27, 1932; m Delores Talburt; ch: Mark, Melinda. Used to own Jolliff Trucking Company in Missouri.

. . . 1f7f)     CARLOS PERRY JOLLIFF, b Feb 12, 1935; d 2002; m Margret ?

. . . 1f7g)     CARL WILLIAM JOLLIFF, b Aug 14, 1938; m Ruby Johnston

8. baby

1f8) baby, born July 1897; died January 1899 (18 months old) (article from South Missourian

Democrat, Alton, MO


1f9) May was born Jan 1900. In 1915 she had a child by Bill Huddleston. She was married for a short while

to Hobert Miller, May 2, 1917, but she left him and moved back home.  May died about 1919 as a young woman after having contracted T.B. from her brother, Elijah.  As she was dying at her parents’ home she saw the angels hovering over her and she said, “Pa, do you hear the angels?”  

1 Child:

. . . 1f8a)     VADA JOLLIFF, b Oct 4, 1915, daughter of Bill Huddleston; m Nov 25, 1931 to Laundy Beach; d 1981


James Rasmus “Rab” Jolliff

son of James Jolliff

See also: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Jolliff-153

Shilo Baptist Church, Rover, MO


back: Lee, John, Wade, Raymon, Marlin;

middle: Clara, Dean, Bertha;

front: Elmer & Nora]


1f4b - Faye

Rab & Tilda Jolliff

Randle’s family: 6 girls, 2 boys

Razie’s family: 7 girls, 1 boy

May and her mother, Tilda

1f7 - Aaron Jolliff