Joseph Lindesmith

son of Johann Freidrich Lindenschmidt

grandson of Johann Daniel Lindenschmidt

Joseph's birth and death dates (born 19 March 1751 and died 10 June 1817) came from the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Ohio, Vol. 1 (published 1929) (no source for these dates is listed).

However, the death date may not be right:

Joseph's will is dated 9 July 1814 and the date of probate was 7 March 1815. His pension records also say 1815.

This story we have of Joseph's birth, emigration, marriage, and military service are from his great-grandson, Eli W.J. Lindesmith. It is based on family tradition and he probably heard it from his father, who was actually raised by Joseph Lindesmith.  However, there is no hard evidence that can back up much of the information (and maybe there never will be). Please be aware: his birthdate, death date, parents' names, immigration date and information, wife's maiden name, and military service are unproved. My comments are in brackets [ ].

According to Eli W.J. Lindesmith (in green):

JOSEPH (Lindeschmidt) was born in 1751 in the village of Maltz, 9 miles northeast of Bern in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.  [I can't find Maltz on any map, but there is a Pfaltz area of southern Germany.]  

[There doesn't seem to be any Lindenschmidt families in Switzerland, but there were/are lots in Germany, especially in Hassloch, Pfaltz, Bavaria. There is some belief, but not proof, that one of Daniel Lindesmith's sons was born in Switzerland, perhaps on their way to America, though that seems like more out of the way. The Lindesmiths in Hassloch seem to have been in the Reformed Church. If they were from Switzerland (which is still iffy) they might have left because of persecution. It was about 40 miles from Bern north to the Rhein River which formed the border with Germany. The Rhein then runs north close to Hassloch.] 

But perhaps this was our Joseph Lindesmith, born in Germany:

Johannes Lindenschmied christened May 26, 1751 (Wed) in Evangelisch (Reformed) Church, Hassloch, Rheinland-Pfalz, Bavaria. 

Parents: Friederich Lindenschmied & Elisabetha.  

[Listed in “Germany, Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898" at (the 12th record).  The year of birth is the same. There were lots of Lindenschmidt family in the town of Hassloch and a few towns around. It would make sense that he was born Mar 19 and christened May 26 as many children were christened within a few days of their birth. Problem is the birth record doesn't say "Joseph." Friederich, however, was the son of Daniel and his first wife, Anna Barbara Muschel. According to a ship record, Friedrich came to America with Daniel and his 2nd wife in1748. He must have gone back to Germany.  

He (Joseph) was the son of Daniel Lindesmith & Elizabeth Bernard.*  In 1769, at the age of 18, he came to America with his guardian. On Ascension Day in 1769 [Easter was March 26 that year; Ascension Day is 39 days later, making it May 4] they arrived at Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland, where he settled.  Joseph's brothers George, Michael and Jacob came with him. 

[It seems likely that Joseph came to America to live with his grandfather in 1769. His grandfather, Daniel, left for America in 1748 with his 2nd wife before Joseph was born though.  Daniel had sons Jacob and George with his 2nd wife. No Michael that I can find.

It's also interesting that Joseph came to America, age 18, with a guardian -- not sure who that would have been.

This seems to have been a common route for Germans as this short bio shows: "Martin Diveley came from the kingdom of Wurtemberg to Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1763. In 1770 he came to Bedford county (PA) and settled where Berlin now is." -- from “History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884,” p475.]

[*Johann Daniel Lindenschmidt's wives were Anna Barbara and Anna Catharina, not Elizabeth Bernard. However, Johann Freidrich's wife was Anna Elizabetha Holzwarth, so maybe EWJ didn't get the names right.]

At some time, Joseph became an apprentice to a joiner (carpenter) and he also learned the fanning mill trade which he used the rest of his life. Many of the old farmers in Hanover, Center & other townships in Columbiana County, Ohio had fanning mills made by Joseph. These mills had no nails or screws in them. They were all made of wood except part of the crank and the wire sieves. 

Fanning mill pictured at right

[Perhaps Joseph's mill was an early version. Fanning mills were first built in 1786 in England, the fanning mill (or winnowing machine which separates the wheat from the chaff) was a square or rectangular shaped box with a crank handle on the outside and two sieves and a paddle wheel on the inside. When the handle is cranked the paddle wheel rotates creating an artificial breeze while the sieves rock from side to side. Grain is dumped into the fanning mill from the top and the chaff is blown out the front by the artificial breeze created by the paddle wheel. The grain works through the sieves and comes out of the machine into a bucket on the ground. Many farmers used thresher-separators by 1875 to thresh and clean grain, but kept fanning mills to “super clean” the grain before planting.]  . . . . . 


Move to Franklin Co, PA - 1772

Early in 1772 he went to Guilford township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania where that same year on May 3, he married a German girl, Anna “Nancy” Bauman, [probably daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth Bauman of Guilford township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. He may have been the Daniel Bauman who emigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany in 1751 on the ship Drake from Wirtenberg or Duke of Wirtenberg.]  

Nancy was born Feb 21, 1752 and raised near Philadelphia. She could read & write German but could only speak English. Joseph, by self-study, learned to speak, read & write English. Their first son, Daniel [probably named for one or both of his grandfathers], was born in Guilford in 1773.

EWJ Lindesmith said that Joseph had 3 brothers: Michael, Jacob and George.  Birth records show sons of Johan Daniel Lindenschmidt and Anna Catherina as: Johannes (b 1747 Hassloch, Germany), Johan Jacob (b 1750 Lancaster Co, PA), and Johan George (b 1753 Lancaster Co, PA).  No Michael, but perhaps he was Johannes Michael. If Joseph is the grandson of Johan Daniel, then these 3 men were his uncles. Johan Daniel died in 1760, but Joseph didn't come to America until 1769. 


Move to Somerset Co, PA - 1774

On Sept 9, 1774 Joseph, Nancy & new baby Daniel moved to Brothers Valley near Berlin, Pa.  [The area Joseph moved to (abt 50 miles SE of Pittsburg) was called “The Glades” at that time, in Brothersvalley township, Bedford Co. Brothersvalley township comprised all of what is now Somerset Co. (it was in Bedford Co. from 1771 until 1795 when it became Somerset Co).  

Brothers Valley was founded in the 1760's, incorporated in 1771. Lots of Amish lived in the Glades of Brothers Valley (which was immediately north of Berlin, Pa). The Amish were involved in intense evangelism during the Second Great Awakening, 1785-1800 (from: The Berlin Area 1777-1977, pp 125-130).  

The Berlin congregation of the Reformed church was organized in 1777 with records beginning that year, and resolved that year to build a schoolhouse which was to be the common property of the Reformed and Lutheran congregations. The original 1777 church building was a log building. [from “History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884,” p477-8]. There was also a Lutheran church established in Berlin in 1789. Methodist missionaries began arriving in 1786 and met with much opposition. The superstitious locals thought that they were bewitching the people. [History...p 481]

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War Joseph enlisted, first for 6 months, then for the entire war. He served as a bugler & fifer and bore arms for 7 years in the Revolutionary War and also served as George Washington's barber, frequently shaving him. [#28-see source list at end] He was present at General Cornwallis’ surrender to General Washington at the end of the War, Oct 19, 1781 at Yorktown, Va.   [It is interesting to know that the song "Yankee Doodle" was created by the British and sung to mock the American soldiers beginning during the French and Indian Wars (1755) and continued throughout the Revolution.  However, by the time the Revolutionary War was over the Americans were also singing the little ditty.  After the battle at Yorktown, the American soldiers sang "Yankee Doodle" while they made the defeated British soldiers march out of their fort past them and lay down their guns!]  Nancy did the farming during the War.  

[This is all from the family history written by EWJ Lindesmith.]

1790 Pennsylvania, Bedford Co., p255

Lillysmith, Jost - 1-4-2 (Joseph, Nancy and all 5 children) -- (this is exactly the way it's spelled on the original census record)

Next door was John Kniper who was probably the future father-in-law of Joseph's daughter Elizabeth. John Knepper was made a deacon in the (Reformed & Lutheran) church Apr 14, 1792.

In 1791 congress approved a tax on whiskey to help pay off the national debt. This hit farmers all along the frontier very hard because they had very little cash and they usually turned left-over grain into whiskey. They organized to protest and resist the tax and by 1794 the movement had become what is now known as the Whiskey Rebellion.  Washington and Hamilton decided to make Pennsylvania an example of federal authority and they assembled an army and marched to Bedford Co, where Washington had his headquarters, then on to western Pennsylvania. They arrested a few and tried and pardoned a couple of men. In 1803 the hated law, which was largely unenforceable, was repealed.

Joseph's daughter Elisabeth had a sister-in-law named Glessner. Perhaps she was related to the character in this story: “Berlin: ... The town early received notoriety from the murder of Jacob Glessner by the Rev. Cyriacus Spongenberg in 1795.” Spongenberg was pastor of the Reformed church in Berlin 1788-1794. On Mar 19, 1794, during a church business meeting Spangenberg stabbed elder Glessner. The pastor was arrested, tried, and finally hanged Sept 11, 1795. [from “History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884,” p475, 478 & The Berlin Area 1777-1977]

The 1796 tax list of Brothersvalley, Somerset Co, Pa includes these names:

Nancy Lindensmithen, William Knepper (who m. Elizabeth Lindesmith), John Knepper (his brother), Ludwick Smith, Henry Boyer, Michael Boyer (John Lindesmith m. a Boyer girl).

[from “History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, 1884,” p474.]

In the 1800 census they were living in Brothersvalley Township in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. This area had been settled not long before 1774 when Joseph moved there. Lots of Germans lived here. Somerset County highlighted at right.

LINDERSMITH Yoast: 01211  00101  00 [meaning 4 sons, 1 daughter]

    head - over 45 [Joseph]

    woman - over 45 [Nancy]

    son - 26-45 [Daniel-27, b 1773, he m Feb 1800]

    female - 16-26 [maybe Elizabeth?-25, b 1775, but she m in 1792 and listed separately on the census with her husband, Wm. Knepper, however her father may have listed her here as one of his children]

    son - 16-26 [John-22, b 1778]

    son - 16-26 [Jacob-20, b 1780]

    son - 10-16 [Peter-13, b 1787]

KNEPPER William:  30010  10100  00

They lived in Somerset Co, Pa for 33 years.  All their children were married in Berlin, Pa. except Peter who married in Ohio to a girl from Berlin, Pa. Apparently Joseph and his family attended the Reformed & Lutheran Church (united in 1799), and several (or all) of his children were confirmed there: 

John (April 21, 1799), Peter (May 11, 1806, the same day as Maria Lindeschmidt - relationship unknown - maybe a cousin). All these church records were written in German and their name was spelled "Lindeschmidt."

In 1801, Daniel's wife, Elizabeth (Weymer) died two months after the birth of their baby, Jacob.  Joseph & Nancy took the child and raised him from infancy; Daniel remarried in 1802 and in 1803 moved to Columbiana County, Ohio, which was formed in March, 1803.

Columbiana County history: In 1797 a few families moved across the Ohio and settled in the county limits. The first paper-mill in Ohio, and the second west of the Alleghenies, was erected in 1805-6 on Little Beaver creek, near its mouth, in Columbiana County. The Ohio Patriot newspaper, printed in New Lisbon, was established in 1808.


Move to Ohio

 In 1807 Joseph & Nancy also moved to Columbiana Co., Ohio along with sons John & Peter, and little grandson, Jacob. (Son Jacob & daughter Elizabeth moved there in 1810.)  They probably traveled NW to Pittsburg, where they may have caught the Ohio River and floated about 50 miles to East Liverpool, disembarked and went 25 miles NW to Hanoverton twp. in Columbiana Co., Ohio.

"Sept. 7 they arrived at the home of son Daniel, just opposite the junction of West Fork and Cold Run.  They moved in covered wagons and lived in them until they could build log huts.  At that time that part of Ohio had many bears, deer, wolves, wild turkeys and Indians" (from EWJ Lindesmith family history).

"Each of the sons of Joseph received from the Government, free of cost, all the land they could clear and build their homes on at the end of 3 years.  All 4 sons were in the War of 1812" (from EWJ Lindesmith family history).

Joseph and Nancy lived the rest of their lives here in Hanoverton twp., Columbiana County, OH.

Joseph’s great-grandson, Father E.W.J. Lindesmith (a Catholic chaplain in the Civil War) wrote “The elder Lindesmith women and men were particularly remarkable and noted for their industries, habits, economy and mechanical skill.  They were law-abiding citizens, very hospitable and were good musicians and singers.  Obedient and respectful to parents and superiors, the men were soldiers in war, citizens in peace.  All of them were church members and regular attenders, rain or shine.” [26]

Joseph died Jan 10, 1817 (age 66); Nancy died Nov 24, 1836; 84 yrs (cemetery record: Oct 1836; 82 yrs).  Both were buried in the Trinity Reformed Church cemetery, Hanover township, near Dungannon, Columbiana, Ohio with many other family members.  In the St. Philip Neri cemetery near Dungannon a Lindesmith family memorial monument was erected by Daniel’s grandson, E.W.J. Lindesmith, with the early Lindesmith family names.  Joseph is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. 

Pictured on left: Trinity Church Cemetery. The large monument is for Joseph & Nancy. This stone, which was placed there by his great-grandson EWJ Lindesmith, reads, "Great-great grandfather Joseph Lindesmith, died 1817, age 66. He was a soldier of the Revolution, bugler and fifer, served during the entire war, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis."

Pictured on  right: the Lindesmith monument, with many names and dates on the back, located at St. Philip Neri Cemetery near Dungannon, Ohio.


1. Daniel Lindesmith

Daniel was born May 7, 1773, Pa, baptized the same day by Herr (Mr.) Deschler.  He was listed on the census with his parents in 1800 in Somerset Co, PA.  He married Feb 22, 1800 to Elizabeth Weimer (b 1779, daug of Jacob & Martha or Elizabeth Weimer) in the church in Berlin, Pa.  Her father was not on the census of Brothers Valley twp in 1800, so perhaps they lived in another twp.

They had one child, Jacob, and she died May 15, 1801 (age 22).  She has a tombstone in Trinity Church cemetery in Columbiana Co., OH, but probably was buried in Somerset Co, PA because Daniel didn't move to Ohio until 1803.

Dec 25, 1802 he m Gertrude Crissinger (b Dec 13, 1779; daug of Joseph & Rachel).  In April 1803 they moved to Center township, Columbiana Co, Ohio, the first of the Lindesmith family to move to Ohio. Their home was known for generations as "The Stone House" on West Fork Creek, 5 miles west of Lisbon.

He was in the cavalry in the War of 1812.  Capt. Thomas Rowland came to Lisbon, Ohio in Columbiana Co, and raised a volunteer company soon after war was declared in Sept 1812.  Capt Daniel Harbaugh had a company of light dragoons composed of Daniel Lindesmith & 51 others.  Daniel is also listed (perhaps later) as a member of Capt Wm. Pritchard’s mounted company, 2nd rifle regiment of Lisbon, Ohio.  He rode his own horse, carried his deer rifle, and played the fife and bugle, using the same bugle that his father had used during the Revolutionary War.  

        Daniel was a farmer, but was also an excellent mechanic.  His grandson, E.W.J. Lindesmith said that he invented the needle used in the sewing machines.  He died May 5, 1833 (age 60), buried Trinity Church cemetery; Gertrude died Dec 5, 1841 (age 62).  Children:

1a)     JACOB WEIMER LINDESMITH (Elizabeth’s only child), b Mar 18, 1801; m Barbara Walser (daug of Urs Walser, MD); he was a color bearer of Capt. Lucy’s in the Seminole Indian War, 1834; died Sept 5, 1834 (age 33), buried Trinity Cemetery. Barbara m 2nd J. Wannemacher & had 2 more children (Mary & Katherine). Jacob’s children: 

. . . Eli Washington John (b 1827 a Catholic priest, U.S. chaplain, including during the Civil War - another bio),  

pictured at right [back of picture says: "Rev. E.W.J. Lindesmith (Catholic Priest) Chaplain United States Army for twelve years in the Rocky Mountains. When traveling he dressed in frontier rustic buckskin clothes and in the winter added a buffalo overcoat."]

In 1861 Eli wrote a sermon/poem on women's rights in response to the women's rights movement:

1. The right to labour, Love & Pray. 

2. The right to Weep, with those who weep.

3. The right to Work, when others sleep.

4. The right to dry the falling tears.

5. The right to Quell the rising fear.

6. The right to Smooth the brow of care.

7. And whisper comfort, in despair.

8. The right to Watch the parting breath. 

9. To soothe & cheer the bed of death.

10. The right when earthly hopes all fail, to point to that within the veil.

11. The right of women to reclaim.

12. And win the Lost from paths of shame.

13. The right to comfort and to bless the widows and the fatherless.

14. The right the little ones to guide, in simple faith to him who died.

15. With earnest love and gentle praise; to bless and cheer their youthful days.  

. . . Daniel Weimer (m Deborah Huffman), 

. . . Jason Wilson (1831-1929; GAR 1861-65; m Mary/or Margaret Jane McAllister; bur St Philip Neri Cemetery, Columbiana Co, Oh; children: Emma, Augusta), 

. . . Isaac Jacob (m Catherine Stewart), 

. . . Elizabeth (bur St. Philip Neri Cemetery, next to E.W.J.)

1b) CATHERINE LINDESMITH, b 1803-4; m April 23, 1826, Columbiana Co, Oh to Wm Morgan; children: 

. . . James (m Louisa Farr), 

. . . Daniel William (m Sidney Ann Reish), both sons were in Civil War, Co F, 76th Ohio Vol.

1c) SUSANNA LINDESMITH, b 1804-10 (about 1807); m Nov 11, 1828, Columbiana Co, Oh to Patterson Copeland; children: John H., William K. (m Mary McCafferty), George F. (m Tamar G. McCurdy) These 1st 3 sons were in Civil War in Ohio Vol. Thomas, Joseph, Hannah, James J., Mary, Louisa C., Harruett G., Elizabeth, Isabek, Margaret A.

1d) ANNA “Nancy” LINDESMITH, b April 4, 1811; m ? Ford

1e) SAMUEL LINDESMITH, b 1814; d Jan 7, 1888 (74 yrs), buried St. Philip Neri Cemetery.

1f) JOSEPH LINDESMITH, b May 17, 1816; m Feb 29, 1844, Columbiana Co, Oh to Mary Benner; 1850 lived in Centre twp, Columbiana. Co, Oh; d Oct 30, 1880, bur St Philip Neri Cemetery; children: Nancy (1846-1935), Henry B. (1848-1929; m Anna ? 1843-99, bur Trinity Cemetery), Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth, Lewis, Anna (1857-1935), Belle, Harvey, Gertrude. 

1g) MARY LINDESMITH, b Apr 16, 1818, Oh; m Dec 5, 1843, Columbiana Co, Oh to John Mason; died Jan 28, 1913, Lisbon, OH; children: Malinda C., Mary A., Lewis A., Caroline, George, Harriett E., C. Harvey, (and 1 boy who d in infancy)

2. Elizabeth Lindesmith

“Betsy” was born in 1775 near Berlin, Somerset Co, Pa; m 1792 to John William Knepper (b 1764; son of Godfrey & Catherine).  They moved to Ohio in 1810.  History of Columbiana County says, "Shortly after 1814, among those who settled [in Franklin township] were...William Knepper...."*{15} William was a shoemaker, farmer & an excellent snare drummer.  Betsy died June 1, 1844; William died 1852, buried Trinity Cemetery; children:

2a) GODFREY KNEPPER, children: William (in Civil War from Ind)

2b) JOHN KNEPPER, m Hannah Custer; children: 

. . . Bernard, m Barbara Ehrhart; Civil War, Ind

. . . Noah, Civil War, Ind; d Atlanta, Ga

. . . Albert, m Araminta Custer; Civil War, Ohio        

. . . Isabel Elizabeth, m John Risdon              

2c) DANIEL KNEPPER, b 1797, Pa; m Elizabeth Kuntz May 27, 1819, Columbiana Co, OH; 1850 in Crawford Co, Oh; ch: William (1825), Jacob (1827), Joseph (1831), Elizabeth (1835), David (1837), Daniel Jr (1838), Henry (1842).  Daniel Jr & Henry in Civil War from Ind.

2d) JACOB KNEPPER, b 1802; m 1828 to Mary Morgan; d 1879; children: Edwin W. (b 1833; m Margaret McQuilkin)

2e) KATHRYN/CATHERINE KNEPPER; m Nicholas Miller, July 13, 1820, Columbiana Co, OH

2f) WILLIAM KNEPPER, m Margaret McKinzie

2g) ELIZABETH A. KNEPPER; m Abijah  McClain (McLean, McLain, McClain, McCain), Apr 19, 1831, Columbiana Co, OH

2h) JOSEPH KNEPPER, m Pricilla/Elwell/Priscilla Hartsock,  Aug 18, 1840; 

2i) ANNA “Nancy” KNEPPER, b Mar 7, 1812; m 12 Feb 1840, Columbiana Co, OH to James Frantz; d Dec 22, 1884, bur Trinity Reformed Church, Hanover Twp., Columbiana Co, OH; children:

. . . Katherine, m Isaac Hastings

. . . Abija Anson, 1846-1910; m Anna H. Hastings

. . . Isaac, m Anna Shaw & Jane Williard

. . . Susan E, 1845-1883

2j) PETER KNEPPER, 1814-1883; m Jan 12, 1837 to Sarah Ann Frantz;  buried Long’s Run Pres. Ch, St. Clair Twp. children: 

. . . Lucy, b ca 1826, m Andrew Anderson

. . . William, b ca 1840, m Ellen Glass; Civil War, Ohio

. . . Susan, b ca 1842, m William Gardner

. . . Elizabeth, b ca 1844

. . . Nancy, b ca 1846, Wayne, Ohio; m Thomas Engle/Angle

. . . Jacob, b ca 1850

. . . Kathryn/Catherine, b June 12, 1850

. . . Peter, Jr, m Margaret Smith


3. John Lindesmith

John was born in 1778, Somerset Co, Pa; m Anna Mary Boyer; moved to Ohio 1807; d 1830.  Children (click John's link for next generation):

3a)     SALOME “Sally” LINDESMITH, b about 1808; m John Crissinger

3b)     SUSANNA LINDESMITH, b about 1810; m Samuel Crissinger

3c)     JOSEPH LINDESMITH, b 1812; m Eliza McCarns

3d)     MARY “Polly” LINDESMITH, b about 1814; m John L. Anderson

3e)     FRANCIS JOHN LINDESMITH, b about 1816; m Lucetta Momenteller - family pictures

3f)     DELILA LINDESMITH, b about 1818; m John Brachner

3g)     ANNA “Nancy” LINDESMITH (maybe Amanda), b about 1820; m Henry Lori

3h)     CATHERINE LINDESMITH, b about 1822; m J. Bachman

4. Jacob Lindesmith

Jacob was born 1775-80 (about 1780) near Berlin, Somerset Co, Pa.  He m in Berlin to Susanna Crissinger, daug. of Joseph & Rachel.  They moved to Ohio in 1810.  During the War of 1812 he tended the farms of his 3 brothers and his own while they fought.  His life-long occupation was farming.  He was a man of more than ordinary intelligence, was always cheerful and made all feel at home in his presence.  He was an extra good farmer.  He owned over 640 acres of choice farming land and was a man of considerable wealth in Columbiana Co, Ohio.  He cared for his parents and provided for them in their last days.  He died Dec 19, 1849 (age 70) at his old homestead (where his grandson, George Williard later lived).  Susanna d Aug 11, 1869 (age 84), both bur Trinity Cemetery.  Children:

4a)     GEORGE LINDESMITH, b 1804-10 (about 1804); d age 12

4b)     ELIZABETH LINDESMITH, b 1805; m Apr 8, 1824, Columbiana Co, Oh to John Williard (b 1803, son of Philip Willyard & Catherine Knapp from Maryland). John was a farmer & a tanner & was Justice of the Peace for 30 yrs.  They lived on a farm, later owned by their son Joe.  Elizabeth d 1869 (age 64) & Squire John d 1891 (age 89); both were buried in Trinity Cemetery; children: Joe, George *{15}

4c)     ANNA MARY “Polly” LINDESMITH, b 1812; single in 1850

4d)     HANNAH LINDESMITH, b about 1814; m Apr 20, 1837 Columbiana Co, Oh to John Young; children:

. . . Jacob A.Young  (Civil War, Ohio)

. . . James Lee Young, 1846-1908, Ohio; m 1869 to Elizabeth B. Calvin; ch: Osmond L. (died yg), Lenora, John Newton, David William, Loren, Maude E. (1881-1897), Alberta, James R. (1877-1954, OH)

4e)     PETER LINDESMITH, b 1816; m Apr 1, 1846, Columbiana Co, Oh to Abigail H. Copeland (1822-1894), 1850 they were in Columbiana Co, Oh; d June 1, 1852 (36 yrs, bur Trinity Cemetery); children: Thomas (1846), Susan (1849-1852, bur Trinity cemetery), Jacob (1850-1926, m Matilda Laughlin)

4f)     BENJAMIN C. LINDESMITH, b about 1817; m Susanna Green (d Oct 3, 1844, bur Trinity cemetery); m 2nd Elizabeth Wable; 1850 in Crawford Co, Polk twp, Oh

4g)     DAVID K. LINDESMITH, b 1818; m Mar 20, 1846, Columbiana Co, Oh to Louisa Momenteller (Mumenthaler; d Dec 20, 1848, age 19, bur Trinity cemetery); m 2nd Malinda Krider (or Golerda).  He was in Co E, 48th Ohio Vol, 1861-65 & was severely wounded in the Civil War; d July 26, 1878 (age 60), bur Trinity cemetery; ch:

. . . Eli Benjamin Lindesmith, b Dec. 18, 1858 OH; m Rhoda Wilcox, 1889; ch: Francis Elone (1896 Ca; m Emma Drury Mason; d 1980 Ca)

4h)     RACHEL LINDESMITH, b Dec 26, 1821; d Jan 3, 1902, unmarried, bur Trinity cemetery.

4i)     JACOB LINDESMITH, b 1824; m Adessa (Hadessa) Copeland (d June 27, 1853); m 2nd Anna K. “Nancy” McKarns (1842-1928); 1850 in Hanover twp, Columbiana Co, Oh, lived with mother-in-law Mary Coplin.  He was Justice of the Peace in Columbiana Co & member of the Presbyterian church; d 1891, Jacob, Nancy & Adessa bur Bethesda church cemetery, Franklin twp, Columbiana Co, Oh.  Children: Ella & Bennie (twins of Nancy, buried with parents.

5. Peter Lindesmith

Peter was born 1786 near Berlin, Somerset Co, Pa.  Confirmed in the Reformed & Luthern Church in Berlin, PA, May 11, 1806 (age 20). Moved to Ohio with his parents in 1807.  Married Jan. 10, 1808, Columbiana Co, Oh to Susanna Ehrhart (marriage license says "Carhart").  In the War of 1812 he served as a fifer & soldier under Gen. Harrison.*{28}  He was a farmer, tanner, noted marksman, successful hunter, and performed well on the violin.  He died on his farm near Dungannon, Ohio, July 16, 1845 (60 yrs); Susanna died July 3, 1850 (63 yrs), both buried Trinity cemetery.   Children:

5a)     ELIZABETH LINDESMITH, b 1804-10 (about 1807); m Mar 22, 1827, Columbiana Co, Oh to Daniel Crissinger (s/o Peter & Judith); children: William, Simon Peter, Samuel, Lee (all 3 in Civil War), Peter

5b)     DANIEL LINDESMITH, b 1800-10 (about 1810); m Anna Cox. Lived Bryan, Oh; children: David, Peter (m Margaret Bechtol, George W. (all in Civil War), Joseph (b1839), Robert E (m Dora VanValkenburg, Guyan Raymond b1854, m Ada Reasoner), Curtis Leroy, 

5c)     JULIANNA LINDESMITH (or Julia & Ann), b 1810-15 (about 1814); m I. Fletcher

5d)    DAVID LINDERSMITH, b 1815-20 (about 1817); married in 1843 to Katherine Simmons in Carroll Co., Oh. They first lived in Hanover, Columbiana Co., Oh., then in Washington Co. until 1850, then in Williams Co. In 1855 he moved to Minnesota with an ox team and his four children, the youngest only 6 weeks old. After traveling 7 weeks they arrived in Owatonna. David managed to get the top of another wagon, placed both tops on logs and lived in this for 2 months until their log cabin was finished in July.  David was the county assessor in what is now Steele & Waseca counties. 1856-58 he served as county sheriff. In 1870 he moved to Clinton Falls, Steele Co.*{28} Children: 

. . . Orlando Lindersmith, served in the Civil War in the 4th Minnesota Volunteers, was wounded at Vicksburg, and was in Sherman's "march to the sea." He m 1872, Ellen Thomson.

. . . Anjeline Lindersmith, m ? Hoadley

. . . Elizabeth Lindersmith, b1853, m Wm. Putney

. . . Agnes Lindersmith, m 1877 to Matthew Titus Jepson in Fairboult, MN.

. . . Stiles Lindersmith

. . . Emma Lindersmith, m ? Warren or Thomas Burns

5e)     CATHARINE LINDESMITH, b 1821, Oh; m Oct 27, 1842, Columbiana Co, Oh to George Green (b 1819 Oh; s/o George & Susan); children: Sarah, Mary, Mathias, Susan, Henneta

5f)     WILLIAM LINDESMITH, b 1825-30 (about 1827); m Martha Whitaker

5g)     ISAAC Lindesmith, m Martha Whittaker


Joseph & Rachel Crissinger were from Pennsylvania and probably lived near the Lindesmiths. Their children are included here to show how often they married Lindesmiths:

1.     Gertrude Crissinger, m DANIEL LINDESMITH (#1, s/o Joseph & Nancy Lindesmith); moved to Ohio in 1803

2.     Susanna Crissinger, m JACOB LINDESMITH (#4, s/o Joseph & Nancy Lindesmith); moved to Ohio in 1810 

3.     Peter Crissinger, m Judith ? ; moved to Ohio with some of the Lindesmiths. Children:

3a)    Salome “Sally” Crissinger; m Felix Piffer

3b)    John Crissinger, m 1826, SALOME LINDESMITH (#3a, d/o John & Anna Lindesmith)

3c)    Daniel Crissinger, m ELIZABETH LINDESMITH (#5a, d/o Peter & Susanna Lindesmith)

3d)    Samuel Crissinger, m SUSANNA LINDESMITH (#3b, d/o John & Anna Lindesmith)

3e)    Hannah Crissinger

3f)     Rachel Crissinger

3g)    Peter Crissinger

3h)    Mary “Polly” Crissinger

So, of the 4 Lindesmith brothers (Daniel, John, Jacob, Peter), 2 of them had Crissinger wives (Daniel & Jacob) and the other 2 (John & Peter) had Crissinger sons-in-law


The Lindesmith family cemetery seems to have been mainly the Trinity Churchyard and also the St. Philip Neri Cemetery, both in Columbiana County, Ohio.  Buried at Trinity Churchyard, near Dungannon, Ohio:

         Joseph (1751-1817) & Anna “Nancy” (Bauman, 1752-1836) Lindesmith

1.         Daniel (1773-1833) & Elizabeth (Weimer, 1779-1801) Lindesmith

1a.       Jacob Weimer Lindesmith (1801-1834)

1f2.     Henry B. (1848-1929) & Anna (?, 1843-1899) Lindesmith

2.         Elizabeth (Lindesmith, 1775-1844) & William Knepper (1764-1852)

4.         Jacob (1780?-1849) & Susanna (Crissinger, 1785-1869) Lindesmith

4b.     Elizabeth (Lindesmith, 1805-1869) & Squire John Willyard (1802-1891)

4e.     Peter Lindesmith (1816-1852)

4e2.    Susan Lindesmith (1849-1852)

4f.     Benjamin C. Lindesmith’s wife: Susanna (Green, ?-1844)

4g.        David K. Lindesmith (1818-1878) & Louisa (Momenteller, 1829-1848)

4h.     Rachel Lindesmith (1821-1902, unmarried)

5.        Peter Lindesmith (1786-1845) & Susanna (Ehrhard, 1878-1850)


Will of Joseph Lindesmith


I, Joseph Linasmith, of the county of Columbiana and state of Ohio, taking into view this shortness of human life and uncertainty of all things terestrial do make, ordain and establish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

Item. My will is that my beloved wife, Nancy, should keep all my household goods of every kind and stocke during her natural lifetime and that my two sons Jacob and John should continue to furnish their mother with grain and other articles as agreed by the tenor of two several obligations given to each of them the one to Jacob, dated the 22nd of Sept., 1809, the other to John dated the 22nd of Sept., 1809, and that my wife also have the use, profit and advantage of any money that I may die possessed of.

Item. My will and desire is that my sons and daughter fulfill, abide by and keep the contract herein before alluded to between myself, my wife and my two sons, Jacob and John—and that my executors, herein after named, make use of the necessary legal means to secure to them a good and valid title agreeable to the spirit and tenor of said obligations.

Item. My will is that at the death of my beloved wife that our daughter, Elisabeth Keniper shall have and keep all my wife's clothes, wearing apparel, and linen of every kind.

Item. My will is that at the decease of my wife all my property of every kind be divided into five equal parts and that each of my children namely, Daniel,  Elisabeth, Jacob, John and Peter, receive each one equal share thereof.

Item. My will is that as soon after my decease as conveniently may be, my tools of every kind be equially divided amongst my four sons. Confiding in the honesty and integrity of my son, Daniel Linasmith, I hereby nominate and appoint him sole executor of this my last will and testament, given under my hand and seal this 9th day of July, ano Domini, 1814.

Jos. Lindrysmith

___?__ as the last will of Joseph Linsmith 

in the presence of

James Craig

Absalom Craig


Lindesmith Family

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