Park Family Generations

1st Gen - Richard Parke, born 1612 in England.

Married first to Margery (Crane?) in England.

He sailed from London in the ship "Defence," which left England Aug. 10, 1635 and arrived in Boston, Oct. 3, 1635. The ship's register lists "Richard Perk 33, Margery Perk 40, Isabell Perk 7, & Elizabeth Perk 4." Nothing is known of where he lived in England or why he came to America, but most likely it was for religious liberty, as it was for 16,000 other people who fled to Massachusetts between 1630-40 in the Great Migration. "The government [of Charles I] regarded these infant colonies with aversion, and attempted violently to stop the stream of emigration, but could not prevent the population of New England from being largely recruited by stouthearted and Godfearing men from every part of the old England.[1]

Richard first appeared in Cambridge, Mass. in 1635. He was a miller and a large landowner. The town records of Cambridge (formerly called "Newtowne") mention Richard Parke several times. On Feb. 8, 1635 [sic] he is recorded as being one of the men "who have houses in the town", his being "by the fresh Pond."[2] Richard Park was a proprietor in Cambridge in 1636, and of Cambridge Farms, Lexington 1642. Previous to 1652 he owned a large tract of land in the NW part of the Village containing 600 acres.[3]

About 1656 he married 2nd to Sarah (Colier) Brewster (widow of Love Brewster, and daughter of William & Jane Colier; they had no children). By his will May 12, 1665, he bequeathed to his son Thomas all his houses and lands, after the decease of his wife Sarah. All his property (except the 600 acres and building) was equally divided between his two daughters. Sept. 26, 1678 Thomas bought the estate from his step-mother, at which time she called herself of Duxbury, in the Colony of New Plymouth.

Source [2], Parke Families of Massachusetts, feels that there is evidence that Richard had a first son named Richard, though he is not mentioned in his will.

2nd Gen - Thomas Parke, born about 1628 in St Botolph, London, Middlesex, England.

He probably came to America with his father on the ship "Defence" in 1635, although his name does not appear on the passenger list. 

Married Abigail Dix, Dec. 1, 1653, Newton, Middlesex Co, Mass.

Thomas was a farmer, and his house was near Bruce's (or Bemis's) mill on the Charles River.  

On April 12, 1665 the town records of Cambridge say that "Thomas Parkes" was chosen a Constable "for the yeare ensuing." He was admitted Freeman of Cambridge, May 31, 1671. In 1678 he bought his father's estate from his step-moth and settled on the 600-acre tract. 

He died Aug. 11, 1690 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass.  His estate was divided among his heirs in 1693-4. It then comprised 722 acres and part of a corn mill on Smelt brook.

3rd Gen - John Parke, b Sept 6, 1656, Cambridge, Middlesex Co, Mass.

"He was a distinguished soldier in the Colonial wars and was severely wounded at the Battle of Northfield, 1675 'in the elbow joint and the bone broken,' etc." [Parke Families of Massachusetts] [Sept. 2-5, 1675, King Philips War] 

About 1685 he married his first wife (name unknown).  They had 2 small children; she and children died.

Married 2nd Elizabeth Miller, April 5, 1694, Watertown, Middlesex Co, Mass. They had 7 children. His son John was appointed administrator of his estate May 12, 1719. 

4th Gen - John Park, born Dec. 20, 1696, Watertown, Middlesex Co, Mass

married Abigail Lawrence, July 14, 1720

Died May 21, 1747, Newton, Middlesex Co, Mass

5th Gen - Gideon Park, born April 7, 1734 in Newton, Mass.

Married Aug 31, 1758 to Hannah Fuller

He was a Rev. War soldier in Captain Fuller's Company from Newton, and marched on the alarm Apr. 19, 1775 to headquarters at Cambridge.

He is listed on the DAR Patriot Index as:

"Park, Gideon, b 4-17-1734 MA, 7-28-1794 MA, m Hannah Fuller, Pvt MA"

Died Aug 28, 1794, Framingham, Mass.


6th Gen -

1. Abigail, b Nov. 28, 1763, Mass; m Capt. Obed Metcalf in 1790; d 1852 Sullivan Co, NH

2. John, b Nov. 16, 1759

3. Lois, b Oct. 24, 1761; m Daniel Usher

4. Sarah "Sally", b about 1765; m Joseph Whitney

5. Esther, b May 10, 1775, Framingham, Middlesex Co, Mass; m Reuben Fay, Jr.