The Ponds of Norfolk County, Massachusetts are British in origin and received their coat of arms from King Henry VIII in 1508.

Pond lineage:

1st Gen - Robert Pond 

(son of William Pond and Judith Gordon) born about 1590 in Groton, England

married Mary Margaret ? (Her last name may have been Hawkins?)

Robert and Mary Pond came from Groton, Suffolk, England to Massachusetts in 1630 with the Winthrop fleet of 11 ships.  In this group was Robert and his brother, John:

-- John Pond of Groton, Suffolk to Boston [returned to England]

-- Robert Pond of Groton, Suffolk to Dorchester [carpenter, d 1637]

-- Mrs. Mary Pond [wife of Robert]

Other passengers were:

-- Francis & Margaret Weston, with daughter Lucy, who married John Pease

John was sent back to England by Winthrop for more provisions.  Winthrop afterward sent his love to William Pond, who had been one of his neighbors in England. In a letter from Governor John Winthrop in Massachusetts to his oldest son back in Groton, E
ngland, soon after their arrival in America, he directs his son to tell "old Pond" that both his sons are well and remember their duty.

It appears that Robert and Mary Pond had at least a couple of children (William & Robert) that they left in England, and who came to America before 1641, maybe with Rev. Mather.

At right is a drawing of Robert Pond's house. He was the original owner, so it was built sometime before 1637.  It stood on Cottage Street at the junction of Humphreys and Franklin, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, until 1873 when it was removed to widen the street. Jonathan Bridgham lived in the house all of his 99 years and therefore it was also called the Bridgham House.  

[This drawing was in a book - The Memorial History of Boston, 1630-1880, edited by Justin Winsor; Boston: Ticknor and Company, 1880. Vol. 1]

Robert was 47 when he died 1637 at Dorchester, Mass.  (Dorchester is near Boston on the west side.)

After Robert died, Mary married 2nd to Edward Shepard.  Edward's daughter, Abigail married Mary's son, Daniel Pond.   Also, Edward was an ancestor of President George Bush thru his daughter Deborah (Shepard) Fairbanks.

2nd Gen - Daniel Pond 

born about 1630 in Massachusetts.  His father & mother had come to Massachusetts with the Wintrop fleet in 1630, and since Daniel wasn't listed on the ship's passenger list, he must have been born after their arrival.

Daniel moved a little southwest of Dorchester to Dedham, Massachusetts, where he was by 1652.

From "The Medway Biographies and Genealogies," [by E.O. Jameson (Millis, Mass, 1886) p. 180]

"Daniel Pond settled in Dedham as early as 1652, where he died Feb. 4, 1698."

Daniel married 1st in 1652 to Abigail Shepard, the daughter of of his step-father.  They had at least 5 children: Abigail, John, Ephriam, Rachel & Hannah Devotion.   

Abigail died before 1661.

Daniel married 2nd Sept 18, 1661 in Dedham to Ann Edwards.  They had at least 7 children:  Robert, Daniel Jr, William, Joshua, Caleb, Jabez and Sarah.

Daniel took a portion of the land grant for Dedham and started a colony farther southwest near the lakes in Wrentham and called it Pondville.  His son, Ephriam built his home there.

He became a "freeman" in 1690.

Daniel was 67 when he died Feb. 4, 1698 in Dedham, Norfolk Co, Mass.

In 1873, "A Genealogical Record of Daniel Pond and his Descendants" was written by Edward Doubleday Harris and traces the descendants of Daniel Pond.

3rd Gen - Capt. Robert Pond 

born Aug 5, 1667, Dedham, Mass.  "The Medway Biographies and Genealogies," has a bio clip of him.

married Joanna Lawrence about 1688 in Wrentham (Franklin), Norfolk Co, MA

His property was located in the west part of Wrentham (Franklin), next to the cemetery.   The cemetery was "bounded on the way leading from Capt. Robert Pond's, along by Eleaser Metcalf's; north on the land of Baruck Pond; eastward by common land on all parts."  His land was also located on the Mine Brook.

Robert was 82 when he died July 3, 1750 Wrentham, Mass. 

4th Gen - Ezra Pond

born July 18, 1692 in Wrentham, Mass.

married Abigail Farrington

died 1788 Wrentham, Mass. (age 95)