Felix Mumenthaler-Momenteller III

1772 - before 1840

Felix was born into the large and influential Mumenthaler family of Langenthal, Bern, Switzerland. See records. These records run his family back several generations.

  1. 1.Georg Mumenthaler Sr (b abt 1620, Langenthal, m 1645 to Elsbeth Klafiger)

  2. 2.Georg Mumenthaler Jr. (b 1652, Langenthal, m 1654 to Barbara Dennler)

  3. 3.Friedrich Mumenthaler (1677, Langenthal, m Margaret Witschi)

  4. 4.Felix Mumenthaler Sr (b 1710, Langenthal, m Anna Begert)

  5. 5.Felix Mumenthaler Jr (b 1749, Langenthal, m Anna Barbara Gerig)

  6. 6.Felix Mumenthaler III (b 1772, Langenthal, m Barbara Anna Herrmann)


Felix III’s birth record in Langenthal. He was baptised Aug 1, and probably born 5-10 days before that.

See records link above (choose Langenthal #5) to see the original record.

Since this family changed their spelling to Momenteller, and they had only one son who had children, there are very few by that name in the U.S., and they all most assuredly come from this man. In 1920 there were only 3 Momentellers on the US census, all in northern Illinois.

Felix married Sept 16, 1807 in Langenthal to Barbara Anna Herrmann who was born in Signau, Bern, Switzerland July 1787. 

Daughter Rosian was born in Nov 1807 in Switzerland

Son Felix was born in 1809.

There is a 10-year spread before the next child.

In 1819 they were on a sea voyage to America. Their son, Jacob, was born on board the ship, Feb. 6.  On the 1920 census, their grandson, Alonzo, said his father, Jacob, was born "at sea."

They landed at Phildelphia and settled there first.  The only close entry on passenger lists at that time that I can find is for:

Jacob Mergenthalen, age 29, arrived in Philadelphia, Oct. 1, 1819,  from Amsterdam on ship Susquehanna.

This guy was born abt 1790 (was a little young to be the father of Rosian), and it doesn't show that anyone was traveling with him.

In 1820 Philadelphia was the largest city in the US.

Daughter, Lucetta was born in Philadelphia in Dec. 1822, Barbary was born in 1826, and twin daughters, Louisa & Mary Ann were born there in 1829.  So it was probably after 1830 that the family moved to Ohio.  

In searching the 1830 Pennsylvania census, so far I have not found this family in Philadelphia county in:






GERMANTOWN [very difficult to read]

The father Felix probably died before 1840.  He may have died in Pennsylvania, but more likely it was not too long after they moved to Carroll Co, Ohio (between 1829 and 1839). Here is a Find-a-grave page for him.

(Carroll Co. was formed in 1832; Lucetta married in 1839 there) 

In 1840 there were 18,108 people in Carroll County: 889 in Union twp. and 265 in Brown twp. (Read more on early Carroll County.)

Carroll County, Ohio is just southeast of Canton. It is just south of Columbiana County where the Lindesmiths lived. 

Carroll Co, Oh townships:

Son, Felix Momentell
er was in 1840 in Union twp, Carroll Co., Ohio, p 288. 

1840 Ohio, Carroll County, Union Twp:

1 male - 30-39 yrs (b1801-1810) - Felix (son, prob b 1810)

1 male - 20-29 yrs (b 1811-1820) - Jacob (b 1819)

1 female - 10-14 yrs (b 1826-1830) - should be 3: Mary Ann & Louisa (b 1829-30) & Barbary (b abt 1826, m 1848)

1 female - 50-59 yrs (b 1781-1790) - Barbary (mother, b 1785)

Daughter, Louisa Momenteller Lindesmith died in 1848.

Son, Jacob had moved to northern IL about 1849.

Son, Felix died in 1850. 

Mother, Barbary was living with her daughter, Barbary Momenteller Morledge in Brown twp, Carroll Co, Ohio in 1850 (p2).  

Daughters, Rosian Momenteller Etnier (p2) and Mary Ann Momenteller Downs (p1) were also living in Carroll Co. in 1850.  Mary Ann had living with her, Louisa's little daughter Ellen. 

[I did a transcription of Brown twp, Carroll Co, OH] 



Rosian was born Nov. 19, 1807 in Langenthal, Switzerland and with her parents to Phildelphia in 1819.  

Rosian in 1824 was living in Shirley Twp. [Huntington Co, Pennsylvania?] They moved back to Lancaster Co. Pa. abt 1827 and started a family, producing 8 children. [Not sure these dates make sense!]

Sometime before 1828 she was married in Lancaster Co, PA to Jacob Etnier/Eitniear (b1791 Pa--d1877 Paulding Co, Oh); [Her mother, Barbary had twin babies, Louisa & Mary Ann in 1829 in Philadelphia.] 

      They were in Carroll  Co, OH (NE Ohio) in 1850 near several of her family [however son Abraham married in 1853 in Lancaster Co, Pa.]

      After 1853 they moved to NW Ohio. Jacob settled his family on 80 acres in Auglaize Twp, Paulding Co., while son, Abraham settled just north of them in Highland Twp. Defiance Co., Ohio  [In 1860 Rosian's sister, Louisa's husband, David K. Lindesmith & family were also in the next county of Putnam Co, Ohio.]

      She died in Oct. 18, 1874 and Jacob in 1877 in Auglaize Twp, Paulding Co, Ohio. Buried in Ice Cemetery. Children:

.......1.1    Abraham Etnier, b Mar 8, 1828; grew up in Lancaster Co, PA where he met and married his first wife, Elizabeth Robbins (1834-1865) (5 ch) they married in 1853 in Carroll Co, Ohio. After their marriage they moved to Defiance Co, Oh with his parents. Married 2nd 1865 to Sarah Ann Ward (7 ch). M 3rd Susan Emma Croff (10 ch); had 22 children; Child #21 was Felix Momenteller Etnier (1908-1977); He may also have lived in Brown twp, Carroll Co, Ohio;  moved to Michigan in 1880; d 1911, buried Oceana Co, MI

.......1.2    Jacob Momenteller Etnier, b 1832; m Sarah J.?; d 1909; buried Branch Co, MI; ch: Alfred J. and Ira Rush Etnier

.......1.3    Isaac Etnier, 1834, m Elmira Smith, d 1903, buried Montcalm Co, MI

.......1.4    Rosann Etnier, b 1835; m John Shmidt

.......1.5    David Etnier, b 1840, m Mary Rickner, d 1916, buried Defiance Co, OH

.......1.6    Barbary Etnier, b 1842, m Jeremiah D. Hall, d 1910, buried Putnam Co, OH

.......1.7    Marie Etnier, b 1844; m Daniel Garmon

.......1.8    Jacob Peterson Etnier, b 1854; m Susan Marshall


Felix was born abt 1810 in Langenthal, Switzerland.  He died about 1850.

1840 Ohio, Carroll County, Union Twp, p 288:  

Felix Momenteller 000011-00100001 [The census index says "Mouenteller" but the microfilm actually reads "Monenteller" or "Momenteller"]

    1 male - 30-39 yrs (b1801-1810) - Felix (son)

    1 male - 20-29 yrs (b 1811-1820) - Jacob (b 1820)

    1 female - 10-14 yrs (b 1826-1830) - [should be 3 but it definitely says "1"]: Mary Ann & Louisa (b abt 1829/1830) & Barbary (b abt 1826, m 1848)

    1 female - 50-59 yrs (b 1781-1790) - Barbary (mother, b 1785)

[There are no other Momentellers in Carroll Co, OH in 1840]

He purchased 80 acres in Wayne Co, IL, July 1, 1845; he purchased 40 acres in Wayne Co, IL, Dec. 2, 1850.

Felix was supposedly living in Carroll Co, Ohio in 1850 (his will was written there in Aug, 1850 while he was sick, but I can't find him in the census which was taken in October 1850. Maybe he had gone to Wayne Co, IL in SE Illinois by then.)

Living in Carroll Co, OH in 1850 was:

his mother Barbary Momenteller, living with his sister Barbary (Momenteller) Morledge

his sister Rosian (Momenteller) Eitniear

his sister Mary Ann (Momenteller) Downs (with Ellen Lindesmith, daug of Louisa Momenteller Lindesmith)

his sister, Lucetta (Momenteller) Lindesmith had moved by then to Indiana or Illinois (can't find them on the census)

his brother, Jacob, was probably already in JoDaviess Co, IL (in northern IL)

Will of Felix Momenteller: August 21, 1850

In the name of God, I Felix C. Momenteller of Brown Township, Carroll County, Ohio, considering the shortness and uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, being very weak in body but of a sound mind and memory for which I am thankful to giver of all good.

First, after my decease I wish my body decently buried and I wish my soul to return to God who gave it.

Secondly, I wish all my outst(anding) debts to be paid out of my personal property and if there are any money or affects? left, I bequeath it with 120 acres of land laying in Wayne County and state of Illinois to my mother, Barbary Ann Momenteller, to have and to hold forever and to will and despose of at pleasure.

I leave this as my last will and testament revoking all others by me made and _____ my _________________.  

I set my hand, Felix Momenteller (X his mark)  the day above written.

Signed and sealed in the presence of John Peterson?, Tommy? Laydr?

3.   JACOB MOMENTELLER, born abt 1819 "at sea." He married about 1846 in Ohio to Alia "Aley" Everett (b abt 1828, Ohio).  In 1849-1850 he purchased 40 acres in JoDaviess County, IL. 

In the 1860 census he was in Woodbine twp, p968 as Jacob "Monidile". 

The 1870 census of JoDaviess Co. lists Jacob Momenteller (p350). 

The 1880 census of JoDaviess Co, lists Jacob & his son, Ira Momenteller with their families. 

Jacob died Mar 26, 1882; Aley died Sept 23, 1906. Both buried in Elizabeth City Cemetery (located about 1 mile north of the Village of Elizabeth)

Children of Jacob:

.......3.1  Almira L. Momenteller, b 1850; married John J. Wixson, Mar 20, 1878 in JoDaviess Co, IL. John was a farmer in Rush Township. In 1880 they were in Jo Daviess Co, IL.). Buried in Ladies Union Cem, Stockton, IL.

.......3.2  Alonzo Felix Momenteller, b Aug 18, 1851 at Rush Creek, Jo Daviess Co, IL; married Feb. 18, 1890 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL to Della Ardell Phelps (1866-1938); 1910 in Jo Daviess Co; d June 26, 1931, buried Ladies Union Cemetery, Stockton twp, Jo Daviess Co, IL; children

.......3.3  Ira W. Momenteller 1852-1939; m Sarah A (1851-1919); JoDaviess County, IL census: 1870 (Woodbine twp),  1880, 1910 & 1930 (Stockton twp); buried Ladies Union Cem, Stockton twp, Jo Daviess Co, IL; children

.......3.4  Minerva Margaret Momenteller, b Jan 6, 1858; married 3 Jul 1876 Gratiot, Lafayette, Wisconsin to Charles Fremont Perry. Died Jul 19, 1934, buried Morseville Cem, Jo Daviess, IL; children

.......3.5  Jacob Momenteller, b 1862; died Sep 17, 1863 (age 1 yr) buried near parents in Elizabeth City Cemetery

.......3.6  Charlotte E. "Lottie" Momenteller, b 1862; married Samuel Stayner, Nov 1, 1882, JoDaviess Co, IL. Buried Ladies Union Cem, Stockton, IL.

.......3.7  Grant Momenteller, b 1868, d Nov 7, 1871 (age: 3y 1m 11d), bur Elizabeth City Cemetery.

.......3.8  Ida Momenteller, b abt 1872; d May 2, 1892 (age: 20y 7m 13d), buried Elizabeth City Cem.

4.     LUCETTA ELIZABETH MOMENTELLER, born Dec 22, 1822, Philadelphia, Pa (son Jerry said on the 1880 census that his mother was born in Switzerland); m Apr 16, 1839, Carroll Co, Ohio to Francis John Lindesmith (b abt 1816, son of John & Anna Mary Lindesmith). They lived in Ohio a few years before moving to Indiana, maybe in 1850 (can’t find them on the census). About 1855 they moved to Jefferson Co, IL where John was the postmaster at the Blue Ridge P.O. 1860-61. They were on the 1860 census of Jefferson Co, IL.  In 1870 she and 3 children were in Fayette Co, Kaskaakia twp, IL, PO Shobonier (I don't know why husband John isn't listed). On the same census page with them is her sister, Mary Ann's family, and her nephew John Morledge (possibly meaning that his mother Barbary had been there).  The families of these 3 sisters, Lucetta, Barbary & Mary Ann, stayed very close to each other.

Lucetta died of Typhoid Aug 23, 1878 (age 55) at Vandalia, IL and John died 4 months later, Dec. 20 of that year.  I have not located a cemetery.  Of their 9 children, 3 preceded them in death.

Obituary from the Fayette (or Fayette County) Democrat (Vandalia):

Mrs. Lucetia Lindersmith (sic), to whom former reference has been made as being dangerously ill, quietly breathed her last on the morning of the 23d inst., aged about fifty-six years. She leaves four sons and two daughters, all of whom are grown, one sister and brother, together with hosts of friends to mourn her loss. She was born in Pennsylvania—moved to this state twenty odd years ago, where she has lived a quiet life and died at peace with all mankind. [The sister would have been Mary Ann and the brother, Jacob.]


....... 4.1     Hiram Lindesmith, b Mar 26, 1840, Ohio; d before 1860, IL, buried Locust Grove Cem, Jefferson Co, IL

....... 4.2     Jeremiah “Jerry” Lindesmith, b Nov 13, 1842, Ohio; m Amanda Doolen; buried Mt. Ararat Cem, Douglas Co, MO; ch: John Ira

....... 4.3     Ebenezer Benson “Ebb” Lindesmith, b Jan 15, 1844, Ohio; m Olive Minerva Campbell; buried Fairview Cem, Coffeyville, Ks.

....... 4.4     Aley Adline Lindesmith, b Feb 8, 1846, Ohio; m John Hundley  [Aley was probably named for her uncle Jacob Momenteller's wife, Alia.]

....... 4.5     John Momenteller Lindesmith, b Jan 12, 1847, Carroll Co, Ohio; m 1st Alice Wimberly; m 2nd Mary (Hunter) Mannon Dunn; buried Sacred Heart Cem, Asher, OK.

....... 4.6     Loretta Barbary Lindesmith, b Dec 13, 1850; d before 1860, Jefferson Co, IL.

....... 4.7    Joseph Harmon Lindesmith, b Nov 15, 1853; d before 1860, Jefferson Co, IL

....... 4.8    Newton Jasper “Newt” Lindesmith, b May 1, 1856, Ind; m 1st Louisa Josephine Barnes; m 2nd Mary (Hunter) Lindesmith; buried Bomar Point Cem, Wilson, OK

....... 4i.9    Mary Alice Lindesmith, b Oct 11, 1859, Ill; m James Benson Clark; bur Hennepin Cem, Murray Co, OK

5.   BARBARY MOMENTELLER, born 1826, Ohio; married Abraham Morledge (b1819, Ohio) abt 1848. (Abraham's first wife, Rebecca Rice was the aunt of Barbary's sister Mary Ann's husband, John Downs Jr. That means that Barbary's 5 step-children were 1st cousins of her brother-in-law, John Downs Jr.) They were living in Carroll Co, Ohio in 1850. Her mother, Barbary Ann Momenteller was living with them in 1850. On the same census page was her sister Rosian and family. Also in the same county was sister Mary Ann. 

Barbary’s brother, Felix Momenteller died bet Aug-Oct 1850, leaving her mother land in Wayne Co, IL.  In late 1850 Abraham sold his Carroll Co., OH, farm and moved his family to Wayne Co., IL, where he died the next year. Abraham's brother, John, traveled to IL during the winter of 1851 to bring Abraham’s five oldest children back to OH. Don’t know what Barbary and her baby John did. Maybe they went to IL to her sister, Lucetta Lindesmith. 

In 1860 her brother-in-law, John Lindesmith (who had moved away sometime between 1840 and 1860, first to Indiana, then to Illinois) wrote to his brother-in-law John Downs, Jr. inviting him to come to Illinois. Between 1861-1867 the Downs family moved to Illinois, joining sister Lucetta. In 1870 in Fayette Co, IL was the Downs family, the Lindesmith family, and also John Morledge and his half-brother, Eli. This might indicate that Barbary also moved with the Downs family to Illinois and died there. I don't know when or where Barbary or Abraham died. John was Barbary's only child.


....... 5.1     John Howard Morledge, b 1850, Ohio [In 1870 he was living with his half-brother, Eli, in Fayette Co, IL, next door to his aunt Mary Downs, and on the same page was his aunt Lucetta Lindesmith (listed as Malinda Smith) and his cousin Eb Lindesmith (listed as Ebenezer Smith). In 1880 he was living with his cousin Jerry Lindesmith in Marion Co, IL. 1889 he was in Galena, Ks (near Joplin, MO) visiting or living with his Lindesmith cousins Jerry, John & Eb, and also cousin Lloyd Downs. Died 1917 Choctaw Co, OK, buried Restland Cem, Boswell.

6.    LOUISA REBECCA MOMENTELLER, Mary Ann's twin, born June 7, 1829, Phildelphia, Pa; married Mar 20, 1846, Columbiana Co, Ohio to David K. Lindesmith (cousin of Francis John Lindesmith).  She died Dec 20, 1848, 5 days after giving birth to her second baby. She was 19 and was buried Trinity Church cemetery near Dungannon, Columbiana Co, Ohio.  In 1850 Carroll County, Ohio, her sister Mary Ann & John Downs had 3-year-old Ellen Lindesmith living with them. 

David married 2nd Melinda Golerda (or Krider).  In a letter by Francis John Lindesmith in 1860 he wrote that David K. had moved to Muskingum Co., Ohio.  But the 1860 Ohio census shows David in Putnam Co, Ohio (his sister Barbary lived in Putnam Co) and both Louisa's daughter (ages 12 & 14) were living with him and Melinda. [In 1853 Louisa's sister Rosian and family had moved to the neighboring county of Paulding, Ohio.]

....... 6.1  Ellen M. Lindesmith, b May 24, 1847, Ohio. 

....... 6.2  Louisa Rebecca Lindesmith, b Dec. 15, 1848. 

7.   MARY ANN MOMENTELLER, Louisa's twin, born June 7, 1829, Philadelphia, Penn. Married John Downs, Jr. bef 1850.   In 1850 Carroll County, Ohio, John and Mary Ann had 3-year-old Ellen Lindesmith living with them.  This little Ellen Lindesmith was the baby of her sister, Louisa Momenteller & David K. Lindesmith. Living very nearby the Downs was Rosian Momenteller Etnier & family and also Barbary Momenteller Morledge & family, including their mother Barbary Momenteller. Carmen Siebenthal (granddaughter of Newton Jasper Lindesmith) said in 1980 that Lucetta had a sister who married a Downs. [also see poem that Mary Ann Downs wrote to Lucetta's daughter-in-law]. They buried 2 children in Ohio before moving West. 

I don't know where they were in 1860. Mary Ann was very close to sister Lucetta and by 1867 they had moved from Ohio to Kaskaskia, Fayette Co., Illinois where they were in 1870 & 1880 near the Lindesmiths and other relatives.  Brother-in-law, John Lindesmith said he voted for Stephen Douglas, but John Downs named a son Lincoln in 1861, so perhaps they didn't agree politically.

They stayed for a while in Fayette Co, IL after the Lindesmiths died in 1878. The Downs were still there in 1880, but at some time before 1900 they moved to Texas. In June 1900 they on the census record in the city of Galveston (4th pct), Texas. 

1900 Galveston, Texas, 4th-pct, June 8, p. 193:

Downs, John - 72, head, farmer, b Sept 1828 Ohio, m 50 yrs, par b MD/OH

. . . . . Mary E. (wife) - 70, b June 1829 PA, 7 ch/4 liv, par b Switz

. . . . . James M (gr-son) - 10, b Dec 1889 KS, par b OH/CO

Interestingly, they would have been there for the devastating cat. 4 hurricane that destroyed Galveston on Sept 8, 1900 and was the nation’s deadliest natural disaster, claiming upwards of 8,000 lives on Galveston Island and on the mainland (estimates range from 6,000 to 12,000 killed). It doesn't appear that any of the family died in that hurricane.  The Texas Death Index shows: John "Douns", died Mar 18, 1905, Arcadia, Galveston, Texas. Arcadia is about 12 miles inland from the Gulf coast. John is buried there in the Alta Loma Cemetery with his son Lloyd and Lloyd's wife Mary Alice.  Mary Ann died in 1908 in Galveston (county death records), so she must surely be buried beside her husband though the stone does not indicate that.


....... 7.1  Nancy L. Downs, b 1853, d 1854 Ohio.

....... 7.2  Frank Downs, b abt 1856 Ohio; died prob before 1880 in IL

....... 7.3  Lawrence G. Downs, b 1856, d 1866 Ohio 

....... 7.4  Dr. Lloyd Sanford A. Downs, b Aug 6, 1857 Ohio, d May 11, 1924, Galveston, Tx

....... 7.5  Lincoln Emerson Downs, b abt 1861, Ohio; d aft 1920 prob Wichita Co, Tx

....... 7.6  Florence A. Downs, b/d May 1862 (Oh or Il)

....... 7.4  Lillie J. Downs, b 1867, Illinois

....... 7.5  Harrison "Harry" J. Downs, b 1871, Illinois (his father had a brother named Harrison). He was a doctor and married Sarah E. Chittum

8.   Maybe a girl who married a Crissinger (this from Carmen Lindesmith Siebenthal, granddaughter of Newt Lindesmith, Lucetta's son). If this census record below is for her family, maybe she was born about 1814. There is certainly room in the list of children for another child between 1810-1820.  But this would also mean that the Momenteller family moved to Ohio before 1825; which can't be right since 3 of the younger sisters were born in Philadelphia 1826-1829. The names of the children below in bold are Momenteller family names.

In 1850 Carroll Co, Ohio (p 395) was 

Samuel "Cressinger" (42)  (born 1808 Ohio)

(no wife, but several children, all born in Ohio)

Barbary - 25 (b 1825)

Cordelia - 20 [she probably married Levi Beckley, Carroll Co, OH Sept 9, 1852; ch: Mary, b 1864 OH, m Jacob Rock]

Mary - 18

Eliza C. - 16

Rachael - 12

Lucetta - 9

Samuel - 7 (b abt 1843)

Olivia - 4

There was also a Samuel Crissinger in 1840 Carroll Co, OH, Brown twp, p 195:

Samuel Crisinger - 10001-121101

male - 20-30  [Samuel-32]

female - 30-40

Some sources:

1. Illinois State Marriage Index 

2. Letter from Francis John Lindesmith (husband of Lucetta Momenteller) in Ill. to John Downs in Ohio, 1860.