Scottish Clan


Origin of Name: probably Norman.

The Lindsays were of Lowland origin, the first known member of the family being Baldric de Lindesaya, a Norman who held lands in England and Normandy. Around 1120 Sir Walter Lindsay was a member of the Council of Prince David, Earl of Huntington, who became King of Scots in 1124; Walter's successor, William, acquired lands of Crawford in Clydesdale. Sir David Lindsay of Crawford acquired Glenesk in Angus by marriage with Maria Abernethy one of the heiresses of the Earldom of Angus and was hence created Earl of Crawford in 1398. The 4th Earl, the ferocious "Earl Beardie", was defeated by the Earl of Huntly in 1452 and deprived of his lands. His son, David was created Duke of Montrose by James III in 1488, this title ended on his death in 1495. 

The House of Lindsay established itself in Angus (although Lindsays were to be found throughout Scotland) and engaged in bitter feuds with the Ogilvies and Alexanders. The Lindsays remained loyal throughout to the Stewarts; the 6th Earl died at Flodden in 1513, the 10th supported Mary Queen of Scots and the 16th Earl commanded a regiment for Charles I. When he died the title passed on to a cadet branch, the Balcarres, already raised to earldom of Balcarres in 1651. In 1848, the House of Lords decided that the titles of Earls of Crawford and Earls of Lindsay belonged to James, 7th Earl of Bal carres who was then 24th Earl of Crawford. 

The Lindsays are celebrated for their literary talent, Sir David Lindsay of the Mount in Fife, created Lyon King of Arms, was a poet and reformer, and Robert Lindsay of Pitscottie was famed as a witty although unreliable historian. 

Our part of the family may have moved to Ireland and thus became part of the Scotch-Irish (as one family story goes).


I think that this family came from Ohio to Missouri, but can't find any more information on Nathan (if that is his name).  

Daughter, Mary was born in Ohio in 1803, the year Ohio was admitted to the Union as a state.  The 1800 Federal Census of Ohio was lost, all except Washington Co.

There was a Margaret "Pegga" Lindsey (1782-1875) who married John Makemson II in 1805 in Logan Co, Oh.

Also, Ann Lindsey (d 1813, sister of Margaret) m Andrew Makemson.

Another sister, Eliza Jane Lindsey (2/20/1772-12/23/1858) married Thomas Makemson.  They were settlers in Cynthiana, Harrison Co, KY. (south of Cincinnati).

There is a town called Lindsey, Ohio in Sandusky County.  (See map of townships)  Sandusky County was formed in 1820 from old Indian territory.

On the Lindsay DNA website there is an interesting entry -- a Stephen Lindsey. I am wondering if he could be a brother of our Nathan because

1. He had a son named Nathan

2. He's about the same age

3. His migration path was similar: Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois -- Nathan's was Ohio, Indiana, Missouri

Stephen Lindsey b. ca 1775 Virginia, d. Sept. 7, 1864 Fulton County, Illinois, married Rachel Reynolds Dec. 1798 in Campbell County, Kentucky.  The children of Stephen Lindsey & Rachel Reynolds were, Nathan (b. circa 1802 KY), James (died circa age 18), Jonah (b. Ohio), Jacob, Phoebe (m. Mr. Lovell), Reuben, Stephen, Hannah (m. Mr. Stoops) & Hezekiah.  The migration path for Stephen Lindsey (1775 Virginia - 1864 Illinois) was his marriage and time in Campbell County, Kentucky to Clermont County, Ohio to Fulton County, Illinois.  In an October 17, 1843 deposition by Stephen Lindsey (1775 VA - 1864 IL), he states, in 1782, he went to live, at age 7 or 8, with his maternal aunt, Ruth Beasley Dollar & her husband William Dollar, in Berkeley County, Virginia.  Inferring the maiden name of Beasley, for the mother of Stephen Lindsey, provides a possibly connection to Edmond Lindsey (Long Marsh-now Clarke County, Virginia Lindseys), b. 1697 who married Elizabeth Beasley in Baltimore Co. MD in 1724.  This could imply that Edmond Lindsey & Elizabeth Beasley were the grandparents or great-uncle/aunt of Stephen Lindsey. 

Another Lindsey website with a list of Lindsey/Lindsay researchers.

Here are some other Lindseys in Ohio:

• Mary Jane Lindsey, b in Muskingum, Ohio 10/02/1808; d bef. 1890; m David A. Stockdale also b in Ohio

• William J. Lindsey and his wife, Jane Taylor of Ohio. Both Wm. and Jane were born in Ireland.

• Thompson Lindsey from Brown or Clermont Co, OH, married Mary ? and had a son, Thomas Jefferson b. 1839 m. 1859 to Margaret Jane Sidwell and d. 1863 at Cathage Tn.

• Lemuel Lindsey lived in Brown and Clermont Counties in 1850, 1860, & 1870

• Samuel Lindsey, b Pa; m Margaret who was b Pa; moved to Ohio; then on 1850 census of Perry Co, IL.

• Col. J.W. Lindsey, b Pike Co, OH  1830 (0bit)

• Henry Linsey (1841-1872) who lived in Circleville, Ohio

• Charles Lindsey left Shenandoah Ohio in 1832 & moved to so. IL

• Charles Lindsey, b 1800 Ohio; died 1840s in IL; Macan Lindsey b 1802, son of George; Jane Lindsey 1810-1883

• George Lindsey, b 1790, brother of Charles who went to Ohio from VA.

The father of the Missouri family:


In 1821 daughter Mary"Polly" Lindsey was listed on her marriage record (to Martin Willard) as being a resident of Tywappity township, on what was then the northern border of Cape Girardeau Co. , Mo.  

The census of 1830 there shows Nathan Lindsey on page 449 (next door to Martin Willard) who is 50-60 years old.  He is the only Lindsey who was old enough to be the father of Polly and the other younger Lindseys. Mary named one of her sons Nathan; of course she also named one of them William Henry (which could be the typical one son who is named for both grandfathers).

In 1830 Nathan Lindsey was in Cape Girardeau Co, Mo. next door to Martin Willard

[Nathan Lindsay: 00100001 - 00010001]

Nathan - 50-60

woman - 50-60

girl - 15-20 [Sarah, b abt 1815]

boy - 10-15

[The older children were married by 1830: Polly, William, Ann & Lemuel]  

1.  MARY “Polly” LINDSEY, b 1803, Ohio; (picture) m July 8, 1821, Cape Girardeau Co, Mo to Martin Willard (b 1793, Va).  1830 in Cape Girardeau Co, Mo; 1850 Henry Co., Mo; 1860, Oregon Co, Mo.  Polly lived with son John until she d 1870-80.  Children:

1a)     Squire Willard, b 1823; m Talitha Stevens & Margaret Crist

1b)     William Henry Willard, b 1828; m Mary Fletcher

1c)     Elizabeth Jane Willard, b 1830; m Burrell Foster

1d)     Nathan Willard, b 1838; m Elizabeth ?

1e)     John Willard, b 1839; m Sarah Jane Colyott

1f)     Martin Willard, b 1843; prob d young

1g)     Polly Ann Willard, b 1849; m Nathan J. Lowe

2.  WILLIAM LINDSEY, b 1805, Ohio; July 26, 1826 he signed a petition in Adams Co., Ill. along with Solomon Greer, Martin & Henry Willard; m Jan 22, 1829, Cape Girardeau Co, Mo to Christiana Greer, by George Henderson, J.P. (Book A-42).  In 1830 he was in Cape Girardeau County, Mo.  This family made its way from Missouri to Illinois to Iowa. 

8 Children (from David Stone, a descendant):

2a)    James Lindsey

2b)    Nathan Lindsey

2c)    Benjamin Lindsey

2d)    Jasper Lindsey

2e)    Mary Lindsey

2f)    Margaret Lindsey

3.  ANN LINDSEY, b ? (abt 1808 in Indiana - son Ephriam lists on the 1880 census that his mother was born in Indiana); m Dec 30, 1827, Cape Girardeau Co, Mo to Solomon Greer (by George Henderson, J.P., Book A-21).  July 26, 1826 Solomon signed a petition in Adams Co, Ill., along with William Lindsey, Martin Willard & Henry Willard.  Solomon's sister, Christina Greer married William Lindsey, brother of Solomon's wife Ann. Both these couples are in Alexander County, IL and then moved at the same time to Jo Daviess Co, IL about 1840.   [There is a Lindsey Cemetery in Alexander co, IL, probably across the river from Cape Girardeau]

Solomon is in the 1840 Federal Census of Jo Daviess Co. (p391) as "Grear, Solomon 100 01 - 210 01  1"

In 1850 & 1870 they are still in Jo Daviess Co, but there are no Greers there in 1880.


3a)   Ephriam Greer, b May 1832; m Hannah Duest, 1855, Jo Daviess Co, IL

3b)   Eliza Greer, b 1835; m Patrick McDermott

3c)   Elizabeth Greer, b 1838; m Edward Clark

3d)   Pauline Greer, b 1840

5.  LEMUEL LINDSEY, b abt 1810, 1830 in Cape Girardeau county near rest of Lindsey & Willard families.

1830 Cape Girardeau, Mo census, page 452:

Lindsey,     Lemuel    15-20

. . . . . woman    20-30

. . . . . girl    5-10

. . . . . boy    0-5

. . . . . 2 girls    0-5

4.  SARAH LINDSEY, b ? (abt 1816); m Feb 28, 1836, Shawnee township, Cape Girardeau Co, Mo to John C. Cary, by W.J. Hines, J.P. (Book C-43)

5.  Boy, b 1815-20

Marriages of

  1. 1.Sarah Lindsey & John C. Cary,

  2. 2.Ann Lindsey & Solomon Greer,

  3. 3.William Lindsey & Christiana Greer. 


War of 1812 soldiers:

Nathan Lindsey (Linsy, Lindsley), pvt I Regt (Jordan's), IN Militia

William Linzy (Linsy), pvt 2 Regt (Stephenson's), OH Militia

William Lindsey (Lindsay), pvt 2 Regt (Ferguson's), OH Militia

William Lindsey (Lindsy), capt, Adam's Regt (1812), OH Militia

William Lindsey (Linzee), pvt 1 Regt (DeLong's) OH Militia (see also Henry Alspaugh)

Ky Vo

1830 Census of Cape Girardeau Co., MO:

page 449: (these 3 families are right next to each other)

    Lindsey,     Nathan    50-60  

        woman    50-60

        girl    15-20 (Sarah)

        boy    10-15

    Willard,    Martin    40-50    (Martin, 43)

        woman    60-70  (Martin’s mother, Elizabeth?)

        woman    20-30    (Polly Lindsey, 27)

        girl    15-20

        boy    5-10    (Squire, 7)

        boy    0-5    (Wm. Henry, 2)

        girl    0-5    (Elizabeth, 0)

    Willard,    James    20-30

        girl    15-20    (Rachel Jenkins)

        boy    0-5    (Henry, 3)

        girl    0-5    (Elizabeth, 1)

page 452:

    Lindsey,     Lemuel    15-20

        woman    20-30

        girl    5-10

        boy    0-5

        2 girls    0-5

page 459:

    Lindsey,    William    20-30    (next to James Willard)

        woman    20-30

        boy    5-10

        boy    0-5

    Willard,     James    20-30       (prob. duplicate of above)

        woman    20-30

        boy    0-5

        girl    0-5

OTHER  LINDSEYs found in Cape Girardeau Co, Mo:

1.     Nancy Lindsay, married Samuel Hannah in Cape Girardeau Co, Mo., May 12, 1850.

2.     Caleb Lindsey, married Pauline C. Robit (residents of Jackson, Ill.), Cape Girardeau Co, Mo., Jan. 22, 1860.

3.     Amanda J. Lindsey, married James T. Hamilton, Cape Girardeau Co, Mo., Sept. 27, 1866.

4.     Isaac M. Lindsey, married Elizabeth York, Cape Girardeau Co, Mo., Dec. 18, 1866.

5.     John C. Lindsay, married Martha Ellen Scison in Cape Girardeau Co, Mo, July 25, 1869

6.     John L. Lindsey married Harriet W. Allifield (both of Alexandria Co., Ill.) in Cape Girardeau Co., Mo., June 16, 1867.

7.     John Lindsey (of Charleston, Mo.), married Sonora Taylor (of Cape Girardeau, Mo.) in Cape Girardeau Co, Mo., Oct. 2, 1872